Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Embarrassing Moments In Sports Entertainment.

Embarrassing Moments In Sports Entertainment - Entry 1

much like the awesome website known as Wrestlecrap this series is designed to highlight the not so great things that have happened in the wonderful world of professional wrestling. There's been a few, so this could be a long running series, we'll just have to see how depressed the entries make me while i'm writing them!

Entry number one in the series is a big reason why the WWE no longer has competition from a company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Of course i'm talking about... 

David Arquette winning the WCW Heavyweight championship. :(

In 2000 WCW had become a shambles, long gone were the days of quality wrestling and red hot angles. In their desperation to regain ground on the then WWF, the management of WCW hired former WWF writers Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara to have complete creative control over the show. 
It turned out to be a big mistake, awful angles and nonsensical booking soon followed as they tried to shock fans into watching the show. Another way Russo tried to bring more mainstream publicity to the company was to use celebrities in storylines, while not a bad idea in theory, Russo, as always, took it one step further and booked B-movie actor, David Arquette to become WCW heavyweight champion...

to be fair to Arquette though, he didn't want to go through with the angle, thinking that fans would hate the idea of an actor becoming the top champion in the company. He was right, but Russo persuaded him into it anyway. Arquette being the nice guy that he is donated all the money he made from his run in WCW to the families of wrestlers who had recently passed away or become injured. (wikipedia)
One other thing Arquette had going for him was this oh so sweet cape! Hmmm, maybe he weren't such a bad champ after all???

As bad as Arquette was as WCW Champion he possibly isn't the worst ever. That honor should go to this man:

yup, Vince Russo booked himself to win the WCW Heavyweight Championship a while later but thats another 'Embarrassing Moment In Sports Entertainment' for another day.

Now WWE fans may laugh at all this and true it is a truly embarrassing moment, but you can't forget that the WWE has put their belt on talentless guys like The Great Khali in the past and even Vince McMahon has had two championship reigns, including the World title...

Vinnie and his ego just couldn't help himself from truly ruining the legacy of ECW

oh geez. :(

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