Friday, February 3, 2012

WrestleMania Money In The Bank

so the word is that the WWE is considering bringing back a 'Money in The Bank' ladder match for this years WrestleMania.

As a fan of the MitB matches, this doesn't seem like a bad idea to me. Interestingly though there have been rumors that rather than have a mixture of up and comers & former main eventers in the running for the suitcase, the WM match may only be competed by former champions.
This got my thinking about which former champs don't currently look to have a WrestleMania match set and  i've managed to come up with these 6 superstars who i think we can all but guarentee will be announced as the participants in the 'Money in the Bank' match...

The Return of The Undertaker...and His Wig!

Well The Undertaker has come back to our TV screens just in time to build up a huge WrestleMania rematch with his old buddy Trips...
Obviously the wrestling world was pretty excited about the Deadman's most recent return but something else also seems to be drawing a great deal of attention...

Was the Dead Man wearing a wig???...

no doubt it kinda looks like it, and with all the talk of 'Taker chopping off his locks while on his hiatus from the ring last year, i just think him going and getting standard extensions is just a bit of a missed opportunity...
If i could have had anything to do with it here's a few other hair style options i woulda tried to get 'Taker to consider for his big return...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Team Bring It...

Team Bring It

talking of WrestleMania, although i'm far from a Cena hater, i'm still firmly in the camp of Team Bring It.
with that being said i haven't been too keen on any of the Team Bring It t-shirts made available so far, so i'm gonna get my iron on transfers out and make a few of my own, taken from The Rock's best film role to date...

Rodriguez Fever

how can you not love this guy?!
(oh and i'm not just now hopping on his bandwagon...check out my sign from last year's WrestleMania...)
can the WWE hurry up and make this man a t-shirt already?!!!

The Funkasaurus


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wrestling Nuggets WrestleMania Signs!!!

Wrestling Nuggets - Featured Nugget:
With WrestleMania right around the corner what better time for Wrestling Nuggets to return and show off the signs that will be going allong with me to the WWE's biggest pay per view of the year in Atlanta, Georgia.

So all you wrestling (and Wrestling Nuggets) fans can not only enjoy the in ring action this weekend but also play a great game of 'Eye Spy' and try to spot any of my sign-age through-out the show. (Tweet me if you do spot them, it'd make me happy!)

Anyway, here they are, starting with the star of the show...the Awesome One:

let's face it, win or lose, The Miz is awesome. So he gets an awesome sign. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

UFC 124 Results & Wrestling Nuggets Prediction League Standings

Nugget Feature: UFC 124 Results & Wrestling Nuggets Prediction League Standings

The results are in and so the Wrestling Nuggets Prediction League needs updating...who will come out on top after GSP successfully defended his championship. And will Don Owens still be terrible at picking winners???

UFC 124 Results...

Future Endeavors Radio Show

Nugget Feature: Future Endeavors Radio Show
Listen to the latest episode of the Future Endeavors podcast right here, right now! 
Giving you all the happy haps from professional wrestling and mixed martial arts, including a WWE TLC preview and a UFC 124 recap along with a huge announcement of an upcoming giveaway on the show. 
So get to it, hit that play button now!
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lizard's Licking Likelihoods - UFC 124 Predictions

Nugget Feature - Lizard's Licking Likelihoods - UFC 124 Predictions
Sheeeeee's back!
After a little break from reading the future the Psychic Lizard returns for the latest UC pay per view.
Although only currently sporting a 50% accurate record, the Psychic Lizard has polished up her crystal ball and scrubbed off any dirty spots that may have led to her inaccuracies. The Liz is pretty confident that starting with UFC 124 she'll turn it all around and begin an incredible run of correct picks. Who knows maybe a correct guess here will she the mystic reptile go on to predict 100% correctly throughout 2011.
The main event of UFC 124 & the fight that Lizzy Steamboat will be predicting the outcome of is the Welterweight title clash between opposing coaches of the Ultimate fighter season 12, Georges St.Pierre and Josh Koscheck. 
Kos has been running his mouth and trying to get under the skin of GSP during the build up to this fight, but does Liz think he has done enough to upset and throw off the game of one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world, GSP?
The way the lizard makes her decision is the same as always, 2 pieces of food are chosen to represent each fighter. They are placed in the reptile enclosure and whichever food is eaten first will be the victor of the fight.
I had wanted to use fruit fitting to the fighters names for these predictions but as Liz only has a select diet, Georges St.'Pear' could sadly not be used. 
Instead we go back again to the trusty apple and grape pieces to see who will be coming out victorious and with title gold around their waist...

Power Poll

Nugget Feature: Power Poll
Here it is ladies and gents, this weeks top ten ranking of wrestlers, voted for by a bunch of pretty great wrestling websites, the world renown, 'Power Poll'!
Who will turn out to be this weeks number one? I'll give you all a hint, the 'Era of Awesome' does indeed continue...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

PPV Predictions: UFC 124 St.Pierre vs. Koscheck II

Featured Nugget: PPV Predictions: UFC 124 St.Pierre vs. Koscheck II

This weekend the UFC presents it's latest PPV headlined by a Welterweight title fight between, champion, Georges 'Rush' St-Pierre and his opponent and rival 'The Ultimate Fighter' coach, Josh Koscheck. This will be the second meeting between the fighters with GSp picking up a unanimous decision victory in their first fight, this is the first time they have clashed with a title on the line in a five round battle though.
Of course along with a new UFC ppv comes the return of the Wrestling Nuggets Prediction League, all 4 participants have made their picks on the main event and other main card match ups and below are those predictions along with a preview of what to possibly expect in some of the fights...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Future Endeavors Radio Show

Featured Nugget: Future Endeavors Radio Show

Don Owens and the gang were back again to bring us all another episode of the 'Future Endeavors'wrestling & mma internet radio show. Bringing you all the latest news, previews and rumors from the WWE, TNA, Strikeforce, UFC plus other places! They also host their version of the 'Slammy' awards in this edition, naming the individuals they felt deserving of year end awards, including the extremely prestigious 'Jabroni of the Year'!!!
So whatareya waiting for click that little play button down there and give 'em a listen. Good times all but guaranteed! 

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Future Endeavors Radio Show

Nugget Commentary: Future Endeavors Radio Show

just a reminder that 'Future Endeavors' Internet Radio show will be broadcasting live at a new night and time of 11pm Monday December 6th. Don Owens and gang will be hosting their version of the 'Slammy' awards, and announcing the winners of their year end awards, including the extremely prestigious 'Jabroni of the Year' award (POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT: i think the 'Jabroni of the Year' award should be shaped like a bag of grapes...)
Anyway, if you've never tuned in before what better time to start then right after Raw tonight, its always an entertaining show with co-host FatManAfterDark promising competition prizes for the live audience tonight.
So check it out over on Blog Talk Radio or listen to the show after it airs right here on Wrestling Nuggets and at 'Future Endeavors' very own website!
So definitely do that, i sort of promise it'll be great!!!!

Get to following the guys on Twitter also: Don Owens, Corey Santiago, FatManAfterDark
also be sure to follow good friend of 'Future Endeavors', and great podcast host himself: Jason Mann of Wrestlespective
and whilst your there be sure to follow us at both our accounts! @WrestlinNuggets & @IAmNotANugget_
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WNPL - The Ultimate Fighter Finale Results & League Standings

Nugget Feature: WNPL - The Ultimate Fighter Finale Results & League Standings
The finale is over and the results are in, who comes out on top of the Wrestling Nuggets Prediction League this time? And does Future Endeavors' Don Owens guess any correctly this time???
All that and more are answered below, so get to reading!...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wrestling Nuggets Year End Awards (Preview)

Nugget Commentary - Wrestling Nuggets Year End Awards (Preview)

with the WWE presenting their 2010 Slammy Awards & other sites like Future Endeavors already beating them to it! Award season is most definitely here again, and with seemingly everybody wanting to name their "Superstar of the Year" and such like...Wrestling Nuggets is no different and wants in on the 'Year End Awards' action. 
So let us hop aboard the awards bandwagon and prepare for the first ever, Wrestling Nuggets' Chicken Dinner Year End Awards...

After an action packed year in wrestling, where a second round of 'Monday Night Wars' failed to ignite, many famous faces bowed out of the spotlight, champions were crowned, new superstars debuted and a whole bunch of other stuff went down, what events & stars will be taking home accolades and a highly prestigious 'Golden Nugget'? 
(As most of my viewing has been of the WWE & TNA's shows this year, those are where the majority of nominations come from. So if you're a big fan of indies? Sorry, tis my awards though, and i'll give 'em to who i want!!!)
The categories and nominees will include (but not be exclusive too):
  • The Chick-Fil-A Award for Wrestler of the Year (nominees include...

WNPL - The Ultimate Fighter Finale Predictions

Featured Nugget: WNPL (Wrestling Nuggets Prediction League) The Ultimate Fighter Finale Predictions

The Prediction League is back just in time for the finale of season finale of season 12 of UFC The Ultimate Fighter reality show, this year featuring Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck.
Saturday nights finale will who comes out as the winner of this season with 2 Team GSP fighters squaring off in the final as number one pick Michael Johnson takes on Johnathon Brookins, for the rest of the match ups and all our predictions go see after the jump...

Power Poll

Featured Nugget: Power Poll

Its that time once again for the weekly 'Power Poll' rankings, and i've gotta say i don't think that a certain wrestling sensation young lady is gonna be very happy about whose at number 1...

The 'Power Poll' The Weekly Top 10 Ranking of Wrestlers (Last Weeks ranking in brackets):...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Future Endeavors Radio Show

Featured Nugget: Future Endeavors Radio Show

The Future Endeavors band was back together for another episode of their great podcast. Talking up all the news and results from the weeks wrestling and mma action, with special mention of the new WWE champion, The Miz:

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Power Poll

Featured Nugget: Power Poll - The Weekly Top 10 Ranking of Wrestlers 11/24/10

It's that time to see who was voted the top superstar of this past week in wrestling...hmmm, i wonder who it could be???
Anyone know if a new 'Era of Awesomeness' has begun???

This week's 'Power Poll' (last weeks rankings in brackets)...