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WNPL - The Ultimate Fighter Finale Predictions

Featured Nugget: WNPL (Wrestling Nuggets Prediction League) The Ultimate Fighter Finale Predictions

The Prediction League is back just in time for the finale of season finale of season 12 of UFC The Ultimate Fighter reality show, this year featuring Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck.
Saturday nights finale will who comes out as the winner of this season with 2 Team GSP fighters squaring off in the final as number one pick Michael Johnson takes on Johnathon Brookins, for the rest of the match ups and all our predictions go see after the jump...

The current WNPL standings are as follows:

Wrestling Nuggets Prediction League (W,L,D/NC)
1)  Steven Money: (9,5,1)
2)  Wrestling Nuggets: (9,5,1)
3)  Corey Santiago: (8,6,1)
4)  Don Owens: (4,10,1)

it's pretty close with just one correct result separates top from third place and even Future Endeavors Podcast host seems to have found some form guessing a few picks right in recent UFC events after the nightmare start he had to the prediction league.

Leonard Garcia vs. Nam Phan
first up TUF 12 semi finalist Nam Phan takes on UFC & WEC veteran Leonard Garcia in the first ever UFC promoted featherweight bout. In what should be an exciting match up all the contestants of the WNPL agree that Garcia's big league experience and power should be enough to see him pick up the win here.
Wrestling Nuggets' pick: Leonard Garcia
Steven Money's pick: Leonard Garcia
Corey Santiago's pick: Leonard Garcia
Don Owens' pick: Leonard Garcia

Rick Story vs. Johny Hendricks
Undefeated Johny Hendricks battles Rick Story, an fighter riding a 4 fight win streak (although one of those wins was a contorversial split decision victory over Nick Osipczak). The WNPL predictors are again in agreement as to who they think will win, in this case we all think Johny Hendricks will extend his unbeaten run and may be the first person to stop Story through TKO.
Wrestling Nuggets' pick: Johny Hendricks
Steven Money's pick: Johny Hendricks
Corey Santiago's pick: Johny Hendricks
Don Owens' pick: Johny Hendricks

Kendall Grove vs. Demian Maia
Ultimate Fighter Season 3 winner Kendall Grove takes on Brazilian Jui Jitsu wizard Demian Maia in the first match up of the card to offer a difference in opinions between the predictors. A win here for Grove would be a big scalp for him and put him amongst the middleweight contenders, but with Maia will be hungry for the victory he needs if he wants to get another title shot in the future or at least a rematch with perennial contender Nate Marquardt.
Wrestling Nuggets' pick: Demian Maia
Steven Money's pick: Demian Maia
Corey Santiago's pick: Kendall Grove
Don Owens' pick: Demian Maia

Jonathan Brookins vs. Michael Johnson (The Ultimate Fighter 12 Final)
Team GSP's number one pick, Michael Johnson takes on Ultimate Fighter season 12 teammate Jonathon Brookins to see who will become the latest "Ultimate Fighter." 
Although Johnson was the first pick on the show Brookins looked the more well rounded fighter. Johnson will most probably be looking to stand up and go for the KO, using his wrestling to score points with takedowns if need be. 
Although Johnson has shown great heart and resilience during the show, he may tire if the fight goes a couple of rounds and may have a tough time stuffing takedowns. He most likely won't want the match turn into a grounded battle, where Brookins should have the advantage and could possibly submit Johnson. 
One thing to watch out for during stand up is that it appeared as though Brookins has a tendency to push his chin up into the air while trading, this could give Johnson a great opportunity to catch him with a KO shot. But seeing as in the past Brookins has managed to last into the third round against, arguably the greatest pound for pound fighter in the world today, Jose Aldo, you might have to be very good to take that chance. 
Win or lose both fighters involved should have bright futures, they both showed great potential and hopefully they will have a fight to live up to that.
Wrestling Nuggets' pick: Johnathon Brookins
Steven Money's pick: Johnathon Brookins
Corey Santiago's pick: Johnathon Brookins
Don Owens' pick: Michael Johnson

Stephan Bonnar vs. Igor Pokrajac
In what could be a bloody war original Ultimate Fighter finalist Stephan Bonnar takes on Croatian Igor Pokrajac in the finale's main event. Bonnar usually goes out and puts on a show for the audience and this fight should be no different, again all WNPL entrants are in agreement with who they think will come out victorious, either through TKO or unanimous decision...
 Wrestling Nuggets' pick: Stephan Bonnar
Steven Money's pick: Stephan Bonnar
Corey Santiago's pick: Stephan Bonnar
Don Owens' pick: Stephan Bonnar

so thats the picks. The WNPL will be back next week for UFC 123 - St.Pierre vs. Koscheck II (let's go GSP!!!) aswell as the results from the Ultimate Fighter finale and latest Prediction League standings plus also the return of the Psychic Lizard!

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