Friday, December 3, 2010

Power Poll

Featured Nugget: Power Poll

Its that time once again for the weekly 'Power Poll' rankings, and i've gotta say i don't think that a certain wrestling sensation young lady is gonna be very happy about whose at number 1...

The 'Power Poll' The Weekly Top 10 Ranking of Wrestlers (Last Weeks ranking in brackets):...

1. The Miz (1) 

The WWE champion reigns supreme as unanimous number one of the Power Poll yet again. The 'Era of Awesome' continues in the rankings.

2. Sheamus (NR) - 
The new WWE King of the Ring makes a huge entry into this weeks chart. Should be sitting pretty until he has a run in with a certain other 'King of Kings' even though he's got the cheapest crown i've ever seen...
3. John Morrison (5) - JoMo continues his climb up the chart, i still don't think he's that great.
4. John Cena (3) - Unemployment isn't hurting Cena's position on the 'Power Poll' too much...will his cousin soon be debuting on the list as well???
5. Edge (7) - I personally didn't vote for him, wasting Buffalo wings is unforgivable.
6. Kane (6)  The World Champion finds himself one place below his number one contender, i don't think either deserve their spots with the current storyline they're in.
7. Alberto Del Rio (NR) - Alberto yoyo's back onto the chart. Looked strong in the KotR tournament even though a Rey Mysterio distraction cost him his shot at the crown.
8. Daniel Bryan (4) - The United States champion lost out to Alberto but had a good showing in the match as usual.
9. Jerry Lawler (NR) - Who knew Jerry still had it?! Had a TV match of the year candidate with The Miz on Raw and almost took home the WWE title as well.
10. Jeff Hardy (NR) - TNA's champion bounces back onto the list but only just. Gotta say he's trying his best to make his role as a heel work.
Fallen Out of Top 10 From Last Week:
Randy Orton (2), Wade Barrett (8), Kaval (9), Dolph Ziggler (10)

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Wrestling Nuggets' votes this week were as follows:
1) The Miz - because he is know the rest. 

And he has some great suits!
2) Jerry Lawler
yes, seriously, 'The King' was great in his WWE Championship TLC match on Raw.
3) John Cena - he may be "unemployed" but he's still all over WWE programming.
4) King Sheamus the Ginger - the new King might have been higher but he was too loud with his "go for the knee, go for the knee" instructions to JoMo in the KotR finals match.
5) JoMo - Still not a fan of his, but i will say he's making an effort. Really wish he's switch up his image as well, his ring attire is awful.
6) Albert of the River - Alberto doesn't need the KotR crown to be a great. He is however terrible on guest commentary though.
7) CM Punk - So good on commentary he deserves a place on the list!
8) Jeff Jarrett - His MMA stuff is ridiculously brilliant, well done TNA.
9) Jeff Hardy - He's doing way better as a heel than i thought he would and TNA is treating their champ better than Smackdown's awful storyline with Edge & Kane. Urgh.
10) Michael Cole
He saved my boy's title! 
And also took a beating!

yar, i left out the WWE's World Heavyweight champion, Kane & his number one contender, Edge, because their storyline with the Paul Bearer kidnapping is just awful. Also Edge wasted buffalo wings a couple of weeks ago, this made me sad.

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