Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Power Poll

Featured Nugget: Power Poll - The Weekly Top 10 Ranking of Wrestlers 11/24/10

It's that time to see who was voted the top superstar of this past week in wrestling...hmmm, i wonder who it could be???
Anyone know if a new 'Era of Awesomeness' has begun???

This week's 'Power Poll' (last weeks rankings in brackets)...

1. The Miz (NR)
The New WWE Champion is this weeks unanimous #1 on the 'Power Poll'. Who else could it be???

2. Randy Orton (2)
3. John Cena (4)
4. Daniel Bryan (6)
5. John Morrison (NR)
6. Kane (5)
7. Edge (3)
8. Wade Barrett (1)
9. Kaval (NR)
10. Dolph Ziggler (8)

Fallen Out of Top 10 From Last Week:
Alberto Del Rio(9), Jeff Hardy(7), Santino(10)
Check out the official 'Power Poll' at it's new home at Future Endeavors website! If you have a wrestling blog/website and are interested in becoming a voter on the 'Power Poll' rankings send the big man in charge, Don Owens ( a message.

The Power Poll is a weekly top 10 ranking of wrestlers as voted by members of these wonderful sites:, Future Endeavors, Hit the Ropes, NoVaWPodcast, Oh My WrestleBlog, Online World of Wrestling, PIZZABODYSLAM, Pro Wrestling Ponderings, Project Wonderboy, Ringside Rants, Smark Out Moment, Smarks Anonymous, The Superplex, The Wrestling Blog,,, Wrestling Nuggets and Wrestlespective. Follow the Power Poll voters on Twitter.

Wrestling Nugget's votes:

1) The Miz - The Awesome One!
2) Randy Orton
3) John Cena - 
4) Daniel Bryan - he's on a roll.
5) JoMo - urgh, even though i hate to add him, he's been doing well recently.
6) Dolph Ziggler
7) Kaval - He lost his match at Survivor Series but still looked great.
8) 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes - This character rules, and Cody is getting better every week.
9) Jeff Hardy
10) CM Punk - So awesome on commentary, he deserves a spot.

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