Thursday, November 18, 2010

Power Poll

Nuggets Features: Power Poll - 11/18/10

The Power Poll, which for those of you that may not know is a weekly Top 10 ranking of wrestlers as voted by a bunch of wrestling websites, is back (and also has a brand new home.)

Was last weeks leader, Wade Barrett, able to hang on to the top spot? (and in doing so, be able to keep that smug look on his face.)
Check this weeks rankings below, with last weeks rankings in brackets, and see how Wrestling Nuggets voted a little bit further down...

1. Wade Barrett (1) - 
The leader of Nexus proved he could win without the help of his group by beating R-Truth on Raw. I'm pretty sure he's the next WWE champ, at least i really hope he is, plus he stars on the promotional poster for the Survivor Series which has gotta count for something, so he deserves his spot on top.
2. Randy Orton (3) - The WWE Champion jumps up a spot in the Power Poll but might not have his championship in next weeks Power Poll.

3. Edge (2) - The Rated R Superstar drops down a spot but is still on a roll. Has added kidnapping to his repertoire along with the spear. Might be next World Champion...or might not. 

4. John Cena (6) - Even though he's not wrestling on the Survivor Series card he's still the focal point of the ppv's main event. Beat up The Miz' apprentice, Alex Riley and then had a great bit of banter with Hot Rod on Raw. Plus he FU'd sorry, AA'd Randy Orton. Oh, and he got a Nexus shirt...finally!

5. Kane (5) - Saw his poppa kidnapped (and i think the batteries taken out of his urn torch) but he's still the champ.

6. Daniel Bryan (9) - Beat former world champion Jack Swagger on Old School Raw, and had god old JR commentate his match. Good times.

7. Alberto Del Rio (7) - He beat Kofi Kingston on Smackdown and Sgt. Slaughter on Raw. Was introduced by Tito Santana and was chauffeur driven by Chavo Classic plus he gets to captain a Survivor Series team, a pretty good week for Alberto.

8. Dolph Ziggler (NR) - The Intercontinental Champion continues to have great matches and is back on a winning streak after getting over his back to back to back losses to Daniel Bryan.

9. Jeff Hardy (8) - The TNA World Champion drops down a spot even though he got a brand new title, oh wait, that new title is most probably the reason why he dropped down a spot...

10. Santino (10) - His skit on Old School Raw wasn't as good as last weeks Tea Time, but there's no doubting the quality of 'Jive Soul Bro'. (It's included in Wrestling Nuggets' 'Best Themes Ever!' after all). And even though Sheamus continues to kick his head in, Santino keeps his spot on the Power Poll.

Dropping off the list: The Miz (4) - shocking i know, i guess he needs to hit Orton with his 'Skull Crushing Finale' every week if he wants to keep his place.

The Power Poll has also recently moved to its new home at Future Endeavors, with the podcast host Don Owens taking over the reigns of the ranking from Wrestlespective's Jason Mann.

As promised, here are Wrestling Nuggets' votes:
1) Edge - He's been unstoppable since moving 'home' to Smackdown. Only thing is, he's been on such a roll that i guess it means he won't be winning the World title at the Survivor Series...

2) John Cena - Although he's not fighting for the WWE title in the main event of the Survivor Series, the championships future does lie in his hands.Whoever ends up with the gold will no doubt be facing Cena for it sooner or later.

3) Wade Barrett - The Nexus boss man is still relatively new to the WWE but he looks more than capable at hanging with the top dogs. Could be the WWE champion after this weekend. Fingers crossed.

4) Randy Orton - He's still the champ so he's gotta be ranked somewhere.

5) The Miz - His plan to cash in his Money In The Bank contract may not have worked out on Raw but he's definitely in the main event mixer.

6) Daniel Bryan - Bryan is awesome, JR calling his match is even better. Such a shame CM Punk got injured and their feud got postponed. But if anyone can drag an enjoyable match out of Teddy DiBiase, Daniel Bryan can.

7) Jeff Hardy - Sure the 'Immortals' Title is awful looking, but thats the point right? Gotta give credit to Jeff Hardy, he's at least trying to make his heel turn work.

8) Alberto Del Rio - I love his finishing move and having your own personal ring announcer is almost as cool as having your own personal mascot.

9) Dolph Ziggler - Ziggles is good. That is all.

10) 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes - 
Cody deserves a spot on the list cause he is great. From his 'Grooming Tips' to his recent promos, i'ma big fan of this guy.

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