Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Era Of Awesomeness Has Begun!

Nugget Commentary: The Era Of Awesomeness Has Begun!
Great news! I saw a dog today!!! Wait, wait, wait, that is great news but not the best thing that happened recently...
No, the really great news is that The Miz cashed in his 'Money in the Bank' title shot on Raw and pinned Randy Orton to become the new WWE Champion.

I think that is awesome. But not quite as awesome as this...

Haha its reactions like this that make wrestling great! Such disappointment on the kids face. Wonderful!
Anyway, we have a new WWE Champion, he is awesome, let's be happy!
 Yessir! No posing with the championship held upsidedown, no boogers, The Miz' title run is already off to a better start than some!


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