Friday, February 3, 2012

WrestleMania Money In The Bank

so the word is that the WWE is considering bringing back a 'Money in The Bank' ladder match for this years WrestleMania.

As a fan of the MitB matches, this doesn't seem like a bad idea to me. Interestingly though there have been rumors that rather than have a mixture of up and comers & former main eventers in the running for the suitcase, the WM match may only be competed by former champions.
This got my thinking about which former champs don't currently look to have a WrestleMania match set and  i've managed to come up with these 6 superstars who i think we can all but guarentee will be announced as the participants in the 'Money in the Bank' match...

Number 1: The first competitor is none other than former World Champ and Indian sensation, The Great Khali.
Although he already made a spectacular return as a somewhat surprise entrant in this year's Royal Rumble, no doubt he'd still bring the house down when he gets officially announced as one of the potential winners of the guaranteed title shot at this years Mania. With his obvious height advantage, Khali might not even need the ladder to win this one, so he'd also be a huge favorite to win it. And let's face it, who doesn't wanna see him hold a championship upside down again?!! 

Wrestler number 2 is a former 2 time WWE Champion & former 2 time WCW Champion, one of only 10 men to have held both company's world titles. Of course i am talking about none other than the viscous, Psycho... Sid!
Big Sidney has been talking about having one last big run for years and now i think it's safe to say 'it's time!'.
I'm all for Sid being involved in the MitB ladder match as long as he agrees not to try any high flying maneuvers from the ladder, no matter whether Johnny Ace begs him to or not!

3: The third participant is none other than the chairman of the board himself and former WWE Heavyweight Champion, Vincent Kennedy McMahon.
Vinnie Mac has almost done it all in the WWE and at WrestleMania. He's wrestled in huge matches, interfered in main events, mingled with celebrities and much much more. One thing the main man has never done though is participate in a Money In The Bank ladder match. That's why he is the 3rd competitor in this years 'Mania match up, and with his history in ladder matches he's gotta be considered one of the favorites!

4: Former champ number 4 in the Money in the Bank match up is another Vince, and another superstar making their long awaited return to the WWE...Vinnie Russo.
the former WCW world heavyweight champion never got to wrestle in a match at WrestleMania, which is a crime in itself, let alone ever get the opportunity to win a shot at the WWE's biggest title. That all changes this year when Vinnie Ru gets welcomed back and claims his rightful spot on the biggest wrestling card of the year at the Granddaddy of them all!

5:The fifth former champ is a show man, plain and simple. One of the most athletically gifted superstars of all time, and he just so happens to also be dripping with charisma and a physique Greek Gods would be jealous of. You've probably already seen him popping up during WWE programming recently as part of the BAStar anti bullying promos. These promos are leading up to one of the biggest comebacks of all times when the former WCW Champion and future WWE Hall of Famer, David Arquette takes part in his first ever WrestleMania match. 
i can't wait to see this man back in action but most of all i'm hoping for the return of his mighty cape!
 He could fly to the top of the ladder with that bad boy!

6: Okay so as outstanding as all the other competitors are there is still space for one final entrant and that is none other than former World Heavyweight Champion and former Money in the Bank winner, Mr. Jack Swagger!
 i know alot of people might not agree to placing Swagger among such legends as Arquette & Khali but the fact is: Swagger is a former champ & deserves the chance to reclaim a world title!
With Swaggie's experience in MitB ladder matches, he may have a huge advantage over his opponents going into this years WrestleMania. But he's gotta hope that with such agile, quick and nimble opponents such as Psycho Sid, that this years briefcase isn't as difficult to unhook as in years past.
I'm a big fan of Swagger's, and would like to see him do really well in this match up. Win, lose or draw though   i mostly hope that Swagger uses this time in the spotlight to bring back his awesome entourage of Jack Swagger Sr. & the Swagger Soaring Eagle!


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