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WNPL - The Ultimate Fighter Finale Results & League Standings

Nugget Feature: WNPL - The Ultimate Fighter Finale Results & League Standings
The finale is over and the results are in, who comes out on top of the Wrestling Nuggets Prediction League this time? And does Future Endeavors' Don Owens guess any correctly this time???
All that and more are answered below, so get to reading!...

The Ultimate Fighter Finale Results:

Leonard Garcia vs. Nam Phan
I guess the WNPL participants have to thank the judges for earning us all a point in this one. In a match up where Ultimate Fighter semi finalist Nam Phan took on UFC & WEC veteran Leonard Garcia it looked like Phan was the more experienced and quality fighter. Garcia somehow earned a split decision victory after 3 rounds of wild swinging. As controversial as the decision was this fight was still very exciting throughout, expect a rematch for this one.
Wrestling Nuggets' pick: Leonard Garcia +1
Steven Money's pick: Leonard Garcia +1
Corey Santiago's pick: Leonard Garcia +1
Don Owens' pick: Leonard Garcia +1

Rick Story vs. Johny Hendricks
The mini Andre Arlovski lookalike couldn't maintain his undefeated record against little powerhouse Rick 'Horror' Story. In a closely fought mainly wrestling contest Story picked up the win by way of judges decision.

Wrestling Nuggets' pick: Johny Hendricks
Steven Money's pick: Johny Hendricks
Corey Santiago's pick: Johny Hendricks
Don Owens' pick: Johny Hendricks

Kendall Grove vs. Demian Maia
Brazialian Jui Jitsu ace Demian Maia got rocked a couple of times but for managed to dominate his lanky opponent Kendall Grove for the most part of their contest. Looking a level above Grove, Maia showed off his takedown skills and looked to hand Kendall his first submission loss of his career. The Hawaian hung in there though but Maia got a convincing unanimous decision.

Wrestling Nuggets' pick: Demian Maia +1
Steven Money's pick: Demian Maia +1
Corey Santiago's pick: Kendall Grove
Don Owens' pick: Demian Maia +1

Stephan Bonnar vs. Igor Pokrajac
A mostly one sided fight Bonnar over matched his opponent for most of the 15 minutes with just a couple of worrying moments during stand up. Even with a point deducted Bonnar did more than enough to earn a unanimous decison. 
 Wrestling Nuggets' pick: Stephan Bonnar +1
Steven Money's pick: Stephan Bonnar +1
Corey Santiago's pick: Stephan Bonnar +1
Don Owens' pick: Stephan Bonnar +1

Jonathan Brookins vs. Michael Johnson (The Ultimate Fighter 12 Final)
In the Final to see who would become winner of The Ultimate Fighter season 12, Team GSP teammates clashed. It looked like it could be over quickly as Michael Johnson rocked and battered fellow finalist, Johnathon Brookins, throughout the first round. But much like the other results, Wrestling Nuggets predictions looked eerily accurate and Brookins found more success in the 2nd frame after taking the fight to the ground and continued with this method into the third and final round against his tiring opponent. Brookins picked up the unanimous decision victory and became the latest 'Ultimate fighter' winner. As entertaining a fight as it was, and as impressive a comeback victory it was for Brookins, both fighters will need to improve their overal lgames before making a real splash in the UFC.
Wrestling Nuggets' pick: Johnathon Brookins +1
Steven Money's pick: Johnathon Brookins +1
Corey Santiago's pick: Johnathon Brookins +1
Don Owens' pick: Michael Johnson

Prediction Scores from the Finale:

Wrestling Nuggets' pick: +4 (4,1)
Steven Money's pick: +4 (4,1)
Corey Santiago's pick: +3 (3.2)
Don Owens' pick: +3 (3.2)

WNPL Standings:

Wrestling Nuggets Prediction League (W,L,D/NC)
1)  Steven Money: (13,6,1)
2)  Wrestling Nuggets: (13,6,1)
3)  Corey Santiago: (11,8,1)
4)  Don Owens: (7,12,1)

it continues to be close at the stop with both Wrestling Nuggets & Steven Money both on 13 correct picks so far, Corey Santiago drops back a little and most notably Don Owens continues his run of good form as he inches closer to getting level with win/loss picks, a perfect score on the next card would see Don grab a 50% average! Woot!

The WNPL will be back for next weekends UFC 124 St Pierre vs. Koscheck II. The event that also brings the return of the Psychic Lizard!

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