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Power Poll

Nugget Feature: Power Poll
Here it is ladies and gents, this weeks top ten ranking of wrestlers, voted for by a bunch of pretty great wrestling websites, the world renown, 'Power Poll'!
Who will turn out to be this weeks number one? I'll give you all a hint, the 'Era of Awesome' does indeed continue...

1. The Miz (1)
Yup indeed The Miz continues as king of the heap and really, who else would replace him?! Proving his doubters wrong week by week the Miz is turning out to be an awesome WWE champion! Probably gonna be bagging a ton of 'Superstar of teh Year' awards too, and deservingly so.

2. Randy Orton (NR) - the number one contender for the WWE title makes a huge return to the 'Power Poll', probably gaining alot of votes after his RKO on Michael Cole.

3. Sheamus (2) - The King of the Ring had his new fancy attire and crown this week on Raw, looks like he'll be feuding with JoMo for a little while longer before the inevitable return of the 'King of Kings'

4. John Cena (4) - He still doesn't have a job but Cena keeps his spot on the 'Power Poll'. A none mover at number 4. Let's just hope his Mexican familia, Juan Cena, keeps off the list.

5. Edge (5) - Urgh. I hate that this guy this included. Worst. Storyline. Ever.

6. Kane (6) - Urgh. Urgh. People still vote for this guy?!

7. Alberto Del Rio (7) - The man of a million scarves (most of them silky and white) stays looking like a star, proving he didn't need the KotR title.

8. John Morrison (3) - JoMo takes a tumble down the 'Power Poll' this week, but he can console himself knowing he somehow managed to win the 'Most Under-rated' award on Future Endeavors' Slammy Awards podcast...i think they meant to give him 'Most Over-rated'!

9. Douglas Williams - The brand new TNA World Television Champion has been looking good in recent weeks. Great in ring and pretty funny on the mic, a strong program against AJ Styles (whom he beat for the TV title) could really establish Doug amongst TNA's top stars.

10. Rey Mysterio (NR) - Lil' Rey Rey the chihuahua (or cockroach depending on what Alberto Del Rio description you wanna go with) is back again, and love him or hate him (which it seems most internet fans do). Mysterio is still a great in ring performer. 

Fallen Out of Top 10 From Last Week:
Jerry Lawler (9) - you could guarantee Lawler woulda kept his spot if he had given Cole another beatdown on Raw, he left that up to Orton though and so have traded places in the rankings!, 
Jeff Hardy (10) - The TNA champ apparently looked horrible in his title defense against Matt Morgan at the ppv, 
Daniel Bryan (8) - DB drops out of the 'Power Poll' rankings but he holds onto the US title and seems to have his pick of the ladies too.

Wrestling Nuggets' Top 10:

1) Mike Mizanin - 
Of course, Wrestling Nuggets (have you not seen @IAmNotANugget_'s twitter avatar?) voted The Miz as the top dog.

2) John Cena - 
for someone who isn't employed by the WWE he sure is all over their TV programming. Just thank gosh that his cousin Juan still hasn't made it to TV...

3) Randy Orton - 
Back on TV and back in the title picture, will most likely (fingers crossed) be coming up short against the Miz in his TLC WWE Championship match though he could be a good bet for winning the Royal Rumble...

4) Sheamus - The ginger one continues to impress each week, always improving. Think i'm turning into a bit of a Sheamus fan.

5) John Morrison - I still don't see the greatness in him but he's getting pushed and maybe just maybe he'll grow some personality one of these days!

6) Rey Mysterio - No jokes, i think Rey has to be one of the top 5 in ring performers of allllllllll time. For serious!

7) Alberto Del Rio - still a huge fan of his personal ring announcer too.

8) Doug Williams - The only non WWE wrestler included in the ballot this week, Dougy Boy has been looking good. Great finishing move too.

9) 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes - The 'Dashing' one rules. And no matter what Wrestlespective might think, his theme tune is also amazing!

10) David Otunga - Sure he got beat down by Cena, but who doesn't??? Otunga continues to be more than capable with his promos and standing up to Barrett on Raw made him look like a big deal. Still needs to improve his in ring work though.

still no Edge or Kane included in Wrestling Nuggets voting cause their storyline absolutely sucks!

You can also check out the 'Power Poll' at it's official home on the Future Endeavors website
If you have a wrestling blog/website and are interested in becoming a voter on the 'Power Poll' rankings send the big boss man in charge, Don Owens ( a message.

The Power Poll is a weekly top 10 ranking of wrestlers as voted by members of these rasslin sites:, Future EndeavorsHit the Ropes, NoVaWPodcast, Oh My WrestleBlog, Online World of Wrestling, PIZZABODYSLAM, Pro Wrestling Ponderings, Project Wonderboy, Ringside RantsSmark Out Moment, Smarks Anonymous, The SuperplexThe Wrestling Blog,,, Wrestling Nuggets and Wrestlespective
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