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PPV Predictions: UFC 124 St.Pierre vs. Koscheck II

Featured Nugget: PPV Predictions: UFC 124 St.Pierre vs. Koscheck II

This weekend the UFC presents it's latest PPV headlined by a Welterweight title fight between, champion, Georges 'Rush' St-Pierre and his opponent and rival 'The Ultimate Fighter' coach, Josh Koscheck. This will be the second meeting between the fighters with GSp picking up a unanimous decision victory in their first fight, this is the first time they have clashed with a title on the line in a five round battle though.
Of course along with a new UFC ppv comes the return of the Wrestling Nuggets Prediction League, all 4 participants have made their picks on the main event and other main card match ups and below are those predictions along with a preview of what to possibly expect in some of the fights...

Current WNPL standings:
Wrestling Nuggets Prediction League (W,L,D/NC)
1)  Steven Money: (13,6,1)
2)  Wrestling Nuggets: (13,6,1)
3)  Corey Santiago: (11,8,1)
4)  Don Owens: (7,12,1)

Champ Georges St-Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck (for welterweight title)
Welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre has to be everyones favorite in this one. GSP out matches Kos in every aspect except one punch KO power. And that is the only way Kos will ever be able to get a victory against St.Pierre. 
One of the greatest fighters in the world, GSP has a more varied array of strikes, is more dynamic, faster, has great cardio and even though Koscheck is a former amatuer wrestler, GSP has improved to a higher standard than him. Submissions and jui jitsu are all in favor of GSP too. 
Unless he gets caught like in the first Matt Serra fight, GSP is surely taking this.
Kos has done a good job in building up the fight with his trash talking through the 12th season of the Ultimate Fighter where they were opposing coaches and in interviews since. GSP has said he'll do his talking in the octagon. Although he did point out, he's better in rematches... 
This fight could end up being a one sided domination for GSP much like the second GSP vs. Matt Serra fight or GSP vs. BJ Penn rematch. Another dominating pwerformance from the Canadian with Georges picking up the win by unanimous decision or possibly a stoppage could be a likely scenario. 
Another thing in the champ's favor is home field advantage. For sure this is gonna be an uphill battle for Kos, he has to come out swinging from the very start if he wants anything from this.
The big question for me here is whats next, if (when) GSP wins? The dream match up with Anderson Silva could be a possibility. But with Anderson booked to finally face Vitor Belfort  at UFC 127 in February. Will GSP wait around to face Silva after that?
More likely is that GSP will go on to face Jake Shields around April possibly and then looking to fight either Martin Kampmann or Carlos Condit in the summer just to completely clear out the division. All that would be left for Silva, if he gets past Belfort, is too rematch Okami at middleweight and avenge his last ever loss, setting up a big year end dream match between the 2 pound for pound greats.

Wrestling Nuggets' pick: GSP
Steven Money's pick: GSP
Corey Santiago's pick: GSP
Don Owens' pick: GSP
Sean McCorkle vs. Stefan Struve
'The Hater' McCorkle has already started hating in build up for his match against the awkward Dutchman Stefan Struve. McCorkle brings an undefeated record against his opponent, although only one of his previous fights has been in the UFC. 
Struve has shown impressive heart in his fights and has huge potential, but has also been caught and stopped in his losing efforts. This could happen again here, with the big man McCorkle using his weight to over power Struve. However, the longer this fight continues the more in favor of Struve it goes. It really could be a toss up, with a win for either man being a good step to start challenging the heavyweight contenders. If McCorkle can start well I can see him catching Struve early and taking him out by TKO. It might just be that i like his nicknames but i'm picking 'Big Hungry' McCorkle.
Wrestling Nuggets' pick: McCorkle
Steven Money's pick: Struve
Corey Santiago's pick: Struve
Don Owens' pick: Struve

Jim Miller vs. Charles Oliveira
Someones impressive winning streak is gonna be over after this fight. Jim Miller has won 5 in a row and his only 2 career losses are against top level lightweights, Gray Maynard and LW champ Frankie Edgar. Oliveira is coming in undefeated though and off back to back submission of the night wins. It'll be a big win for either guy, and push them towards the top contenders. Oliveira could be the more aggressive and look to finish the fight, although Miller has been showing improving stand up and footwork to go with his great groundwork.

Wrestling Nuggets' pick: Oliveira
Steven Money's pick: Miller
Corey Santiago's pick: Oliveira
Don Owens' pick: Miller

Mac Danzig vs. Joe Stevenson
This one could be a loser leaves town match with the fighter coming out on the short end of the decision likely being shown the door of the UFC. Former Ultimate Fighter winner Mac Danzig takes on Joe Daddy Stevenson, both coming off losses. Danzig desperately needs a win, losing 4 of his last 5 match ups. Might not have good news in this one either, Joe Daddy should have enough to pick up a decision.
Wrestling Nuggets' pick: Joe Daddy 
Steven Money's pick: Stevenson
Corey Santiago's pick: Stevenson
Don Owens' pick: Stevenson

Thiago Alves vs. John Howard
Thiago Alves is not fighting the former Australian Prime Minister as wikipedia's link would have you believe! Alves is on a 2 fight losing slide needs to win here. Both have KO power, could easily be over from one shot, and this one may have the KO of the night. That being said i think the 'Pit bull' should win.

Wrestling Nuggets' pick: Alves
Steven Money's pick: Howard
Corey Santiago's pick: Alves
Don Owens' pick: Alves

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