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UFC 124 Results & Wrestling Nuggets Prediction League Standings

Nugget Feature: UFC 124 Results & Wrestling Nuggets Prediction League Standings

The results are in and so the Wrestling Nuggets Prediction League needs updating...who will come out on top after GSP successfully defended his championship. And will Don Owens still be terrible at picking winners???

UFC 124 Results...

Thiago Alves vs. John Howard
Winner: Thiago Alves (unanimous decision)
Alves put on an impressive performance to get himself back in the mix of welterweight title contenders. If he can continue to cut weight successfully, Alves could get right back on track for a championship shot.
WNPL leader Steven Money got off to a bad start being the only one to pick Howard in this match up, with the other participants happy we didn't get another controversial judges decision like at previous events.
Wrestling Nuggets' pick: Alves +1
Steven Money's pick: Howard 
Corey Santiago's pick: Alves +1
Don Owens' pick: Alves +1

Mac Danzig vs. Joe Stevenson
Winner: Mac Danzig (KO 1:54 Round 1)
In the battle of former 'Ultimate Fighter' winners, Mac Danzig earned a stunning knock out victory over Joe 'Daddy' Stevenson and more importantly saved his career in the UFC. With the KO shot coming from a Danzig counter left after Joe 'Daddy' had been pressing the fight til then, even though he lost, Stevenson's attacking attitude possibly kept him employed with the company at least for the time being.
The shocking KO came as a surprise to not only Joe Steevnson and the crowd but also the WNPL who none of predicted Danzig would pick up the win.
Wrestling Nuggets' pick: Joe Daddy 
Steven Money's pick: Stevenson
Corey Santiago's pick: Stevenson
Don Owens' pick: Stevenson

Jim Miller vs. Charles Oliveira
Winner: Jim Miller (Submission - Kneebar - 1:59 Round 1)
Jim Miller picked up a hugely impressive (and surprising quick) win over lightweight prospect Charles Oliveira with a first round kneebar. This win puts Miller right up there with the top contenders for the LW title.
Don Owens impressively went for Jim Miller with his prediction in this one, as did league leader Steven Money picking up his first point of the night. The hype train for Oliveira carried Corey Santiago & Wrestling Nuggets away from the correct result though and bought the whole league even closer together.
Wrestling Nuggets' pick: Oliveira
Steven Money's pick: Miller +1
Corey Santiago's pick: Oliveira
Don Owens' pick: Miller +1

Sean McCorkle vs. Stefan Struve
Winner: Stefan Struve (TKO 3:55 Round 1)
As much of a fan of McCorkle's trash talking as i was, i probably shoulda gone with my head on the picks! Struve picked up a first round TKO victory. After surviving an early take down and kimura attempt, Struve easily got back into the bout and took charge with a nice sweep into full mount, where he finished the fight with punches from the top. The youngster Struve still has huge potential and will probably step up the level of competition with his next opponent to help him grow more as a fighter (as if he needs to grow anymore in height!)
In the Prediction League only Wrestling Nuggets didn't pick up a point here, with the others seeing past the trash talk...
Wrestling Nuggets' pick: McCorkle
Steven Money's pick: Struve +1
Corey Santiago's pick: Struve +1
Don Owens' pick: Struve +1

Champ Georges St-Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck (for welterweight title)
Winner: Was there ever any doubt???...GSP (retains UFC Welterweight Championship by unanimous decison)
Georges St.Pierre took another step, as if he had to, in proving himself as one of the worlds top pound for pound fighters with his title defense against Josh Koscheck. Showing off more than just his amazing wrestling & take down skills, GSP used his striking, espeically a super crisp and clean jab, to beat The Kos up for all 5 rounds of their title fight.
Following the win, ( a dominating 5 round performance from the welterweight champion), much like Wrestling Nuggets predicted, it seems like the Dream Match up between GSP and Anderson Silva is now a very real possibility, with the issue being 'when it will go down' rather then 'if' now. 
With Silva already booked to fight in February against Vitor Belfort, it looks as though GSP will be fighting in his home country of Canada once again in April against Jake Shields. If both fighters come through those match ups, Dana White is all for GSP taking on Silva (with it potentially being a 5 round title fight). The 'Super Fight' could happen as a year end blockbuster in 2011 or maybe as early a huge summer showdown...
No surprises in the WNPL as all members picked GSp to successfully retain his belt. The biggest surprise coming from this fights result was that Don Owens actually led the way by guessing 4 out of the 5 main cards fight winners correctly!

Wrestling Nuggets' pick: GSP +1
Steven Money's pick: GSP +1
Corey Santiago's pick: GSP +1
Don Owens' pick: GSP +1

WNPL UFC 124 Scores:
Don Owens (4,1)
Steven Money (3,2)
Corey Santiago (3,2)
Wrestling Nuggets (2,3)

Latest WNPL standings:
Wrestling Nuggets Prediction League (W,L,D/NC)
1)  Steven Money: (16,8,1)
2)  Wrestling Nuggets: (15,9,1)
3)  Corey Santiago: (14,10,1)
4)  Don Owens: (11,13,1)

Its still really close in the Prediction league with Steven Money just sneaking ahead with a one point lead, but only 2 points seperating 1st from 3rd. Don Owens gains alot of ground with his impressive score of 4 and 1 for the night and gets even closer to getting back to a 50% average. 

The WNPL will be back for UFC 125 on New Year's Day, with the lightweight title on the line in the main event between champion Frankie Edgar taking on (and hoping to avenge an earlier career defeat) against number one contender, the undefeated Grey Maynard. 
The Psychic Lizard will also be returning for that fight, hoping to continue her successful run after correct picking GSP to some out on top at UFC 124.
Remember you can follow all the Wrestling Nuggets Prediction League participants on twitter. @WrestlinNuggets @DXDONMEGA @CoreySantiago and @stevenamoney

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