Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wrestling Nuggets WrestleMania Signs!!!

Wrestling Nuggets - Featured Nugget:
With WrestleMania right around the corner what better time for Wrestling Nuggets to return and show off the signs that will be going allong with me to the WWE's biggest pay per view of the year in Atlanta, Georgia.

So all you wrestling (and Wrestling Nuggets) fans can not only enjoy the in ring action this weekend but also play a great game of 'Eye Spy' and try to spot any of my sign-age through-out the show. (Tweet me if you do spot them, it'd make me happy!)

Anyway, here they are, starting with the star of the show...the Awesome One:

let's face it, win or lose, The Miz is awesome. So he gets an awesome sign. 

There are always alot of rumors before the WrestleMania card becomes finalized, and I may have jumped the gun with showing my support for some of the rumored names before they were actually confirmed to appear... (Brock Lesnar, Sting, Justin Bieber, ahem
But at least Santino Marella will be there, with the greatest move in all of entertainment right now, (come on it was even featured on 'Cake Boss' you know that's big time!)

 Alberto Del Rio is great, as are scarves. And as Alberto always sports a lovely silk scarf, this sign brings in the best of both worlds.

Not only is it Alberto Del Rio's destiny to become World Heavyweight Champion but also his buddy, Brodus Clay, is a perfect likeness of one of my favorite video game characters of all time, Punch Out's 'King Hippo'. If Big Brodus doesn't win next year's King of the Ring tournament just so he can start wearing a little crown on his head i will be sad.

 The true star of the Del Rio entourage. A real hero and style icon. Whatta haircut! Ricardo Rodriguez is the man!

 There once was a time where i was a fan of Edge, not so much anymore. Plus with the WWE's TV rating nowadays the 'Rated R Superstar' nickname needs updating...i think this is the perfect solution.

 CM Punk is awesome. One of my favorites. As are cookies. This sign just makes sense.

 Come on, i know you all miss his 'Grooming Tips' too.

 Thanks to the Rock's witty word play on Raw, i got this idea for a sign. 'Hobo Power Rangers' kinda fits in with the old theme song better than 'Homeless Power Ranger' i thought.

 We all know this is whats happening. Triple H even said so on that 'True Story of WrestleMania' DVD that came out. (Tis pretty good stuff by the way, bit long but has some very cool moments.)

Hopefully i won't need this sign as long as Paul Ellering or Animal remember to get there long lost puppet mascot out of storage before the Hall of Fame.

And of course i needed a sign to kinda shout out my twitter alias. If you'renot following already get on it: @IAmNotANugget_ and be on the look out for me (my wife) and my signs at WrestleMania 27!

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