Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Random Wrestler Of The Day

Featured Nugget - Random Wrestler Of The Day #1

Here we go with another new feature on Wrestling Nuggets: 'Random Wrestler Of The Day'! This feature is pretty much just what the title says, a look at a random wrestler that i think is deserving of being profiled.
The very first wrestler to be featured is one of my favorite ECW originals and a popular former WWF/WWE superstar: 'The Japanese Buzz Saw' Yoshihiro Tajiri.

Tajiri was awesome. Great in the ring, with a fast paced, hard hitting offence including some very stiff kicks.
He was varied enough to play the heel or a face, and was good with serious matches & angles but even better with comedic skits. Even though he didn't often cut promos his charisma still got him over with the audience. 
How could you not love the awesome reactions, hilarious facial expressions and distinct sound effects he was capable of?

Tajiri first started to become well known in ECW. During his time there had some very good matches with Super Crazy and Jerry Lynn among others. While there he really got to show off the serious side of his character. 

ECW Living Dangerously Tajiri vs. Super Crazy part 1.

Tajiri vs. Super Crazy part 2.

During his ECW run, Tajiri even snagged a couple of titles. A short run with the Television title, which he lost to, the then potential superstar, Rhino, and a tag team championship alongside Mikey Whipwreck. 
When ECW went out of business, Tajiri was hired by the WWE, then WWF, and got the chance to show off some other sides of his character...

Tajiri was bought into the WWE  as Commissioner William Regal's servant. A mainly for laughs character, Tajiri's pairing with Regal involved the standard odd couple jokes that the WWE likes to do, that was until Tajiri got given his chance in the ring. 
With his unique style and moveset, including his "Green Mist", the Tarantula and hand spring back elbow, Tajiri quickly got over not only as a likable goof backstage but as a serious wreslter.
Tajiri's Top 10 moves:

Throughout his WWE days, i was always a fan of Tajiri, whether he was playing the comedic good guy and surprisingly successful ladies man or even when he played the role of heel with the devastating "black mist". He could always be relied upon to be entertaining and had a nice run with different championships during his time in the company, including a great tag team with Eddie Guerrero and some good times as a multiple Cruiserweight champion.
Tajiri left the WWE in 2005, returning briefly to take part in 'One Night Stand 2006' teaming with Super Crazy against the F.B.I. It's a shame TNA didn't bring him in as part of their EV2.0 stable as he's one of the stars i really would like to see return to American wrestling. 
I miss the little guy, here's some of his matches:

Tajiri's WWF in ring debut vs. Crash Holly (William Regal's facial expressions are great during this)

Tajiri taking on an old nemesis, the 'Evil' TAKA Michinoku (check out how over Funaki's "Indeed!" was!)

Hardcore Championship Match - Tajiri vs. Rob Van Dam 

Tajiri vs. Rey Mysterio

Tajiri vs. Low Ki at some indie show (with some absolutely terrible commentary) and an appearance by a young Matt Striker

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