Thursday, November 11, 2010

Power Poll

Featured Nugget - Power Poll - The Weekly Top 10 Ranking Of Wrestlers - 11/10/10

Last week the World Heavyweight Champion was sitting pretty atop the league. Will Kane be able to hang on to his spot this week, or will any of TNA's stars have done enough at 'Turning Point' to earn a place in the rankings???
Maybe a certain Tea Party hosting Italian funnyman will will make a big splash in this weeks listings...
Power Poll - 11/10/10 - (Last Weeks Ranking In Brackets) (Wrestling Nuggets Ballot down bottom)

1) Wade Barrett (5)
Barrett should be a lot happier than he looks in his mugshot, not only did he get to have his Survivor Series Celebration preview on Raw but he's also this weeks top dog in the Power Poll rankings. Barrett led the Nexus to a victory this week over a team featuring WWE Champion, Randy Orton & other Raw superstars. A similar result in a couple of weeks will see the cocky Brit become the new champeen.

2) Edge (2) - The Smackdown Superstar stays at number 2 on the list while continuing to look impressive on the Blue Brand. Edge continues to build momentum before his World Title shot at the Survivor Series getting the pinfall against Team Nexus on Smackdwon and taking out the Champion, Kane, with a spear, will he be able to beat the Devil's favorite demon for the gold???

3) Randy Orton (3) - Orton days as champion seem to be numbered and he may have himself a new enemy in the form of the Awesome one, The Miz...

4) The Miz (7) - A big jump up the rankings for Mr. Money In The Bank. The Miz cost his team a victory on Raw but by taking out the WWE Champion with his 'Skull Crushing Finale' The Miz is looking to prove he deserves to be hanging with the main eventers. Was his attack on Orton just because he didn't want to be on his team, or is there more to this story, maybe involving the Nexus???

5) Kane (1) - The World heavyweight champ takes a big tumble this week, with Edge looking to have the upperhand in the build up to their match at Survivor Series, Kane will need to regain some momentum if he wants to retain his belt.

6) John Cena (6) - Nexus' most hesitant member stays at number six on the list, he's been getting a lot of practice in as a referee recently as well as making David Otunga his punching bag again. Cena can escape the evil clutches of the Nexus in a couple of weeks...just as long as his current boss, Wade Barrett, becomes the new WWE champion.

7) Alberto Del Rio (10) - Albert of the River climbs up a few spots this week and all he really did was show he's not a good team player. Already accepted among the top tier on Smackdown, Del Rio has a bright future...i still think his ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, is the best thing about his gimmick though!

8) Jeff Hardy (9) - Jeffro climbs up a spot after successfully defending his title at 'Turning Point'. He shouldn't feel too proud though after seeing the atrocity that is the new look TNA 'Immortals' title that he's gonna have to lug around nowadays.

9) Daniel Bryan (4) - The US champ takes a tumble down the rankings after not really having much to do on Raw. Part of Orton's team against Nexus, he looked good whenever he was involve din the action, especially with the dropkick/leapfrog spot he had with Justin Gabriel.

10) Santino Marella (NR) - It must have been the bowler hat! After weeks of getting the best of Sheamus, 'The Irish Curse' actually got some revenge this week and gave Santino a beatdown, but not before the funnyman had had one of the highlights of the UK hosted Raw by holding his very own tea party.

Dropping out of the Power Poll this week:
Matt Morgan (8) He came up on the short end of his TNA title match against Jeff Hardy and leaves the Power Poll as fast as he entered it.

Wrestling Nugget's Ballot this week:
1) Edge - He picked up the win for his team and nailed the champion and his Survivor Series opponent with his finishing move. Also has chance to cost the Nexus a member this week on Smackdown.
2) Wade Barrett - Barrett's title plans look to be working out, as he had his planned celebration after pinning Orton on Raw this week. His Nexus group could be down a couple of members in the next few weeks though...

3) The Miz - I ranked The Miz number 3 because he's awesome, and also he flattened Randy Orton which is always great. Just a matter of time before he becomes the WWE Champion.

4) Randy Orton - Not the best week for The Viper. Was on the losing side in his battle against Nexus and had one of his own teammates turn on him to cost him the match. Still champion though, for the moment at least...

5) John Cena - He still doesn't have a Nexus t-shirt. Maybe he'd be a more willing member if they let him dress like the rest of them! Come on, if Otunga can get a sparkly hoodie, Cena deserves at least a yellow and black cap!

6) Kane - Neither champion in the WWE had a good week, Kane also had a team mate turn on him during the Smackdown main event, it just so happens that, that team mate is also his next challenger for the World heavyweight Title.

7) Daniel Bryan - He may not have been involved in an awesome singles match on TV this week, but i rank Bryan just for dropkicking a leapfrogging Justin Gabriel out of the air.

8) Dolph Ziggler - The Intercontinental Champion may involved in a bit of a love triangle but he's still picking up the victories. Where as i used to think he saved his best matches for PPV, he now frequently has great matches on free TV also. Hopefully he'll make short work of the new number one contender to his title, MVP.

9) Motor City Machine Guns - Two of TNA's very best performers, they regularly have the match of the night on whatever show they appear and they just had a good match with the Dudley Boyz, i mean Team 3-D, so give them credit.

10) Jeff Hardy - I let Jeffro take Santino's spot on the ballot this week, cause he successfully defended his TNA championship. I'd say there's a good chance he'll drop back out of the rankings once the new look Diva's Championship ripoff title makes its way on TV...

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