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John Cena Stars In A Movie Called 'Legendary'??? Who Knew?!

Nugget Commentary: WWE Raw Review

okay so first up, go on, rush yourselves off to Walmart and pick up that new John Cena movie. You probably didn't have to time to actually check out in the movie theaters, (and even if you had time you probably couldn't find a place showing it) but worry not its available to buy right now! :)
So yeah, now you know John Cena is in a movie called 'Legendary', you can pick up the dvd now. I'm just telling you this cause i don't think the WWE has really tried to promote it all that much...oh wait...

In somewhat random publicity by the WWE though it was also announced on Raw, that the one and only Mick Foley has a new book coming out too. 'Countdown to Lockdown' is the title, bit of a lame name, i know, but Foley's books are usually entertaining stuff, so it could very well be worth checking out.

A new book, by some guy in TNA wrestling, strange that the WWE would mention it, especially since its named after a TNA ppv. 
Still he is a bit of a legend is old Mick. Should be an entertaing read.

Also out now, and i promise this is the last shilling i do today, is Chris Jericho's DVD. 

Chris Jericho's new DVD set. Go and get it. I can't recommend this enough!

Now if you're a wrestling fan you shouldn't need me to tell you to go get this little beauty, it should already be in your possession or the very least your wish list. 3 DVDs packed with hilarious promos, undoubtedly sloppy punches & lionsaults and some of the worst hair styles ever captured on film. This DVD set will have it all!
Seriously,  I have been waiting for a Jericho DVD compilation since, well, forever. And i'm very happy i can finally upgrade from my WWF produced 'Break Down The Walls' VHS. 
(wondering what a VHS is, kids? Go ask your folks!)

no doubt this was a great VHS but come on, who has VHS's anymore anyway?!

Okay, okay, enough with all that stuff onto my recap and thoughts about Raw. Here goes...

Firstly, i'm a fan of having The Miz open up Raw. I'd suggest you all get used to it cause it too because it will be happening again and again over the next few months and even years. On a side note, you know the Miz is one the first 4 faces that pop up in the Raw intro, maybe it doesn't mean much, but it could be a sign of how highly thought of he is.  The intro goes: John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus, The Miz, for any of you that care. Triple H is the 5th face shown. I really think it may be a look at who the WWE truly values on the Raw side of things. Anyway...

so having the Miz starts the show gets the thumbs up from me, he is awesome after all but before he could spit out his catchphrase he was interrupted by "Kill the wabbit!". So having The Miz start the show is awesome, having Daniel Bryan involved in the opening segment might be even better. This was a huge, high profile spot for Bryan, to be in the first segment of Raw involved in a great feud with the next big thing of the WWE, and yet i'm sure some of his internet fans will still say WWE is misusing him.

JoMo was also involved in this, he came out as Bryan's tag partner for a  match against The Miz and his apprentice 'A-Ry' Alex Riley. The result of this was Miz getting the win for his team before a brawl broke out between Bryan & Morrison in a rush job set up for a triple threat match at Hell in a Cell. I kinda see the way they are pushing these 3 as how The Rock, Mankind & Ken Shamrock were pushed before The Rock won the world title at the 1998 Survivor Series. Those three had separate then intertwining feuds over a secondary title (the IC in their case) before the Rock became a break out main event, and then elevated Mankind by continuing on their feud. The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan much???

Now i'm not the biggest fan of John Morrison, infact, i don't much like him at all. For all his athletic and high flying moves the guy is a wet mop when it comes to presence, charisma and mic work. He also has the ugliest ring gear and entrance attire in the company. That fur and diamond stuff needs to go. 
His posing and hair flicks are straight from a gymnastics competition. I'm hoping they go ahead and turn him heel soon so he can at least try to play a cocky pretty boy. 

If ever there was a wrestler in need of an 80's style mouth piece manager, John Morrison is it. Imagine if he had Bobby The Brain cutting his promos for him, he could be awesome as a modern day Rick Rude. 
But alas he's been in the WWE for about 6 years now and is still one of the absolute worst when it comes to cutting a convincing promo. Still, his parkour training is cool.

I usually skip the divas matches, although i am a big fan of LayCool. For once i left the match on and was pleasantly surprised to hear Michael Cole shout out Mick Foley and his new book. 
Were WWE just paying Foley back for his compliments towards Linda's Senate run? Bischoff said good things about her also but you dont hear his name mentioned. 
Or is the WWE mending bridges and maybe trying to encourage the hardcore icon back one day. I'd personally like to see Foley back on commentary taking the place of Jerry Lawler who is long past his best before date.

I like how they put Sheamus over as a crazy, viscous bad ass with his beat down of Khali. But where was this side of him while he was the champ? Shame that Orton won't be losing the title yet anyway. Maybe Triple H will finally return soon to take revenge on Sheamus?

Edge bought back his talk show segment the 'Cutting Edge' with his special guest the Anonymous Raw GM. Sure the computerized voice was ridiculous but i enjoyed this. "Why do you have to hate, yo?" was a particular favorite quote from the GM. 
I really hope all the time and attention that the GM has gotten is gonna result in a satisfactory pay off when the mystery is finally revealed. 
I'm still hoping it turns out to be Kurt Angle. Oh i would mark out. 

This little bit of WWE comedy set up a match between Edge & John Cena. Now, i'm a Cena fan. Yeah i just admitted that i like John Cena. Yes i know he isn't the most technical and his merchandise is garish at best. But the big goof entertains me...but, how he sold Edge's spear was the worst bump in the history of the world! Flat on his arse?! Oh yes! That was bad. 
Why was Edge smashing the laptop that big of a deal? I thought Michael Cole got messages from the GM on his Blackberry too???

Next up, Evan Bourne and Mark Henry what a ridonkulous team. Bourne is pretty awesome though. I think i prefer him to JoMo cause he doesn't have the terrible ring gear and actually sells beatings like a champ. Plus he never really gets that much focus so his lack of mic skills aren't so blatant. 
Those two had a match with the Nexus boys, Justin Gabriel (whose pretty good) & heath Slater (oh how i hate him and his hair). Match was whatever, not terrible but nothing special, ending was dumb. Even if Nexus don't split after HiaC, they've lost so much momentum that the end has to come pretty soon. Barrett will be alright though, he's a star fo'sho!

Hart Dynasty vs. 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre...again.
Drew McIntyre is another wet mop of a wrestler. He's built and good looking but is so bland and boring in the ring. 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes however is brilliant. The guy is really doing a good job with his gimmick, be it facial expressions, reactions to opponents, or little promos he is on a roll. 
I read somewhere that Vince was apparently unhappy with him for "over acting" though. Really Vince, you think someone "over acts"??? Seriously?!

It looks like they may have the Hart Dynasty break up. First thing that comes to mind...who cares. The best place for them as a tag team right now would be TNA. But since they're in the WWE they are stuck. 
David Hart Smith can probably work better as a heel, Tyson Kidd being the little underdog is a natural face. Natalya could go either way. But i'd keep them together though, with the tension in the group. Have Hart cheat, and Tyson Kidd be the good guy. Kind of a unique team in the WWE, it'd give them something for the fans to take notice of anyway.

R-Truth & John Cena are best buds then??? Let's just pray they never record a collaboration together.

Yeah Jericho's listed a bunch of stuff before (Arm- Bar!) but its still some good entertainment, especially cause he gave 'Flash Funk' a shout out. The Orton and Jericho match was very decent. With a bunch of nice spots. Plus not many rest holds by Randy which is always pleasantly surprising. And Jericho used his now favorite "your a stupid man" line. But then got punted. He'll be back eventually. But we can all watch his awesome DVD till then, right?! :)

So i was thinking about including my 'Hell In A Cell' predictions right here in this post but i reckon i've written enough today so i'll do them some other time.

So you lucky lucky people have that to look forward to aswell as some more CM Punk commentary on NXT tonight! Yessir!

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