Monday, September 27, 2010

Real American Hero!!! It's true, it's true.

Nugget Feature: Real American Hero!!! It's true, it's true.

well here we go ladies and gents, after the return of American hero, Kenny F*cking Powers, last night in HBO's Eastbound & Down, it made me wanna go and write a little something about another true hero, the master of the 3 i's & only Olympic gold medalist in professional wrestling history, Kurt Angle...

I miss Kurt Angle. He is easily one of my top five favorite wrestlers ever and sure he's still around doing his thing in TNA, but come on people, thats TNA! Kurt deserves to be back in the big leagues, he should be a featured star every week on either WWE Raw or Smackdown. 

Ideally i would have Kurt make his triumphant return to Vinnie Mac's world as the anonymous Raw general manager. It'd make sense with the tension the GM has with wrestlers like Edge & Chris Jericho, who have history with Kurt. (Edge shave him bald and his hair still hasn't ever fully grown back!) This way he wouldn't have to put his body at risk in weekly (even nightly) matches but he would still be an important on screen character, who could use his considerable promo skills regularly. And when, as it inevitably would happen, GM Kurt was booked in a match, at least it could be build up and presented as a big deal as it would be such a rarity.

So yeah i miss King Kurt. But fantasy booking aside, i think Angle will one day return to the WWE, no doubt to claim his place in the oh so prestigious WWE Hall of Fame but also more importantly to get a dvd production worthy of his highlight filled career. 

Angle has had great matches wherever he has been and i could have easily written a blog about his best ring work. Instead i'm gonna reminisce on another of my favorite aspects of his...comedy. Angle is a naturally funny dude, and for such a legit badass (he won an Olympic gold medal with a broken freaking neck!!!) he can play the role of dork extremely convincingly. 
The guy cracked me up on many occasion and here are just a few of my all time favorite Kurt Angle comedy skits & interviews. (I'm with Stone Cold all the way, I love the guy!)

  • In build up to their world title fight at No Mercy 2000, Angle took the role of journalist & interviewed his opponent and then WWF Champion 'The Rock'. Angle dared ask the questions no one else would and the following interview actually made me a bigger fan of both then ever before. Kurt Angle interviews The Rock. 

  • Kurt Angle vs. Triple H should have been a feud for the ages. The stuff they did with Stephanie was great, but we never got a truly deserving pay off. This little gem has Angle discuss his recuperating powers compared to those of Mr. Stephanie McMahon. I hate U2 too. And Christian is awesome, but you already knew that.  

  • Yeah the InVasion angle was a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge disappointment. But it did bring us moments of magic like this...I'm with Stone Cold all the way, i love Kurt too! ("I'm a S.O.B." may be the greatest piece of dialog in the history of the world.)

  • Its always a shame to see such a beautiful relationship come to an end, but what a way to end it. Milk-A-Mania! (Count yourselves doubly lucky you get to see a clip with Shawn Stasiak in aswell! Wait did i say lucky, i meant who cares)

  • Before the absolute 5 star classics that Angle had with another of my all time favorites, HBK Shawn Michaels, they even had memorable build up, as if they needed it. "Whatever you can do, i can do better..."

  • Near the end of his time with the WWE, Kurt Angle could do no wrong. Sure the crowd loved to chant "You Suck" during his entrance music (again thank you Edge, see i'm convincing more of you he'd make sense as Raw GM) but during his matches how could you not love him. Kurt knew it too... 

  • and finally, i think i've saved the best for last. This is possibly my favorite backstage skit from any wrestling organization ever. Everyone involved in this seemed to be having a blast. Man, i wish i was friends with Steve Austin in real life it looks like he gives the best gifts!!! Here's Cowboy Kurt, that little rascalYippee Ki Yay

i know there's more, heck, i didn't even mention any of the Team ECK stuff, so help me out and let me know which ones I've missed or just to leave a little nugget of wisdom in the comments down below or hit me up on the Twitter. @IAmNotANugget_ & follow the main man himself whilst your over there: @AngleFoods1

(oh my favorite WWF/WWE matches of his are probably him vs. The Rock, him versus The Rock & The Undertaker, his street fight with Shane O'Mac at King of the Ring, any of his match ups against Shawn Michaels & you can take your pick of his matches against Brock Lesnar...but damn he's had so many other classics, it's too hard to list. He may have the first 10 disc WWE release...)

(oh oh oh Kenny Power's is great too, don't get me wrong, i thought 'Eastbound & Down' was hilarious last night. Well worth checking out. Season 2 on HBO now, and you can get season one at the usual places)

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  1. I indeed love the milk truck. That has got to be one of my top three segments in wrestling history.