Monday, October 4, 2010

Forgotten Classics In Wrestling History

Forgotten Classics In Wrestling History - Entry #1

Wrestling fans have had to put up with alot over the years, for every classic Shockmaster type debut we've had to put with hundreds of matches featuring Buff Bagwell. Never the less there are many many highlights in the history of wrestling and while WWE does a good job reliving some of these moments with its WWE Classics 24/7 service some gems still do slip through the cracks... That is where this feature of the Wrestling Nuggets website comes in, it is here to bring the spotlight back to those little known or forgotten times that would otherwise be gone forever.

First up in the series is a man who has worked in all the major wrestling promotions and had a long and successful career worldwide. His best moments though may be from the last few years of WCW when fans were changing the channel in their millions and so sadly missing out on promos by the man known as 'Big Poppa Pump'. 
Promos so notorious that they'd start backstage fights. Nearly as abusive and insulting to their subjects as they were to the English language, the 'Big Bad Booty Daddy's mic work was a thing of true genius. 
While Scott Steiner did end up working for the WWE in 2003 he was pretty much castrated while there by Triple H & Vince McMahon, so his real talents couldn't really shine. Luckily he did go onto enjoy a somewhat successful run with TNA wrestling but sadly as TNA isn't as well known these moments were again unknown to all but the hardcore fans, that is until now!
Wrestling Nuggets is proud to present entry number one in the 'Forgotten Classics In Wrestling History' series: 'Scott Steiner Promos'

Scotty boy cuts a promo on, who i think we can safely say will never be his best friend forever, Diamond Dallas Page. His use of the English language at about 3.50 mark is a personal favorite of mine.

a compilation of Steiner promos from WCW and TNA wrestling. I would explain more but i'm unsure of a lot of what comes out of his mouth. I did hear "redneck" and "whitetrash" a bunch though and also i believe he may be hungry...

from TNA wrestling Scott Steiner shows his wonderful understanding of mathematics. As good as the promo is it might be 'Little Petey Pump's reaction that make this so brilliant.

once again from TNA please get your notebooks ready as the Genetic Freak gives us all a lesson in world history. Wonderful stuff.

Well thats it for entry numero uno in Forgotten Classics In Wrestling History. Be sure to check Wrestling Nuggets again soon for new entries in the series.

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