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WWE Hell In A Cell 2010 Predictions...

PPV Predictions: WWE Hell In A Cell 2010

so there's a Sunday coming up that must mean WWE will be presenting another pay per view for all their fans to buy...or not as the recent buyrates suggest...

Anyway this Sunday, October 3rd , the World Wrestling Entertainment presents it's second ever Hell In A Cell pay per view event. Unlike the event in 2009 which featured 3 Hell In A Cell matches this years only has 2 (which is probably still one too many) and it will be the WWE & World title matches decided inside the "demonic struture" (oh i miss good ol' J.R.). The World championship match is between champion Kane and his "brother" and WWE phenom The Undertaker. With the WWE title match being champion Randal Keith Orton defending against the fella known as Sheamus. Other than the 2 main events the only other matches announced so far are Daniel Bryan defending the United States championship in a triple threat match against 'Mr. Money In The Bank', the awesome, Miz & 'Mr.Charisma' John Morrison. The stipulation for that match being submissions count anywhere. Finally the last match announced so far will be between Nexus leader Wade Barrett and John Cena. With the rules being if John Cena loses he has to join the Nexus if he and Nexus having to split if Barrett takes the loss. They'll probably be a Divas championship match added along with a tag team championship and possibly Rey Mysterio taking on Alberto Del Rio. I wouldn't be surprised to see any combination of CM Punk, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Kaval, MVP and hopefully Jack Swagger added to the card as well.

Now prediction time, firstly i'm predicting they add a diva's championship match and it'll be one of LayCool versus Natalya. I think it's Layla's time to defend the belt and could see her dropping the strap to Miss. Anvil but I'd prefer for her to keep hold of it, through some screwy finish involving Michelle McCool just cause i like LayCool as the champs and think they could actually make a good feud out of this. I hope they'd involve Beth Phoenix into this mix as well and have the 2 powerhouse ladies go after the gold. Any Diva title match not involving Melina is an improvement in my eyes, i hope they keep Kelly Kelly, Alicia & the Bella's out of the ring too.

The triple threat match for the United States title was just thrown together on Raw, with Bryan & Morrison teaming up before brawling after their match with The Miz & his apprentice Alex Riley. The submission stipulation heavily favors Bryan as he is the only one of the 3 with a submission finisher, but the falls count anywhere stip seems like its added to allow John Morrison to show how well he can climb up and dive off things. I would've personally had The Miz still be the champ heading into this match with him dropping it too Bryan here, but the way it is i hope that Bryan retains, preferably by beating JoMo. And he should retain because: 
1) The Miz doesn't need the title. 
2) Daniel Bryan has only recently won it and needs to hold onto for a while to seem like a credible champion 
3) I really don't like John Morrison and don't want him to win.

Thats not how i see it going though, i think if Bryan retains he's getting the victory over The Miz (again :(  ) and it'll be after JoMo has taken them both out with some high risk ridiculousness. Hopefully, this will at least start a Morrison heel turn cause lets face it he's horrendous as a good guy and his promos suck. At least as a cocky heel he shouldn't struggle as much with the mic work and all his posing and hair flicks would suit an arrogant a$$hole better anyway. 
Or the other scenario is Johnny Nitro thinks up some kinda submisson hold, maybe he bores someone into tapping out by cutting a promo in front of them, and wins the title. Fingers crossed we don't see that though.
So US title match, i say Bryan keeps the belt and JoMo begins his heel turn by attacking him afterwards. Should be a very good match.

Next match up prediction is if they do put a tag team championship match up on here, 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre are winning. No doubt about it. Number one, whose gonna beat them? And number two, seriously, whose gonna beat them???

The WWE title match between Randy Orton and Sheamus is inside Hell in a Cell. Don't ask me why. I didn't realise their rivalry and hatred for each other was so deep it needed to be settled inside of the most punishing match in the WWE. Anyway it is and Orton is winning. There's no way i see them taking the belt off Orton already. Even if they were it shouldn't be Sheamus getting it after the awful way WWE booked him as champion last time around. Hopefully this'll be a hard-hitting match up, and i'm gonna say it again like i say every-time Sheamus is involved in a high profile match, maybe Triple H will return to cost him???
WWE Championship prediction: Orton retains after unveiling his highly secretive never before seen finisher...oh no, he'll just win with an R.K.O. 
(oh and i know alot of people always think The Miz will cash in his money in the bank contract after a ppv title fight i just don't think he will here. Least i hope not, i want him to actually announces when he'll be cashing it in and then build up to it...i.e. Wrestlemania main event. If he does cash in his briefcase though and become champ, i won't be mad, because he's The Miz and he's know what i mean)

The other big match up on the Raw side of things is John Cena taking on Wade Barrett. Now if this match had been booked inside Hell In A Cell i would have been fine with it. It'd just make more sense, it's a longer running feud than Orton & Sheamus, it has been more violent in the past, and the cell could keep any other members of Nexus out. But no, it's just a regular match with the stipulations being Cena wins; Nexus split. Barrett wins; Cena joins. Oh and if Nexus interfere Barrett loses.
My first thought was Cena wins this easy, the Nexus are done. It's probably time to pull the plug on them anyway, their momentum is almost completely gone after injuries and its been all downhill since their exciting and intense debut which seems like forever ago now. So if Cena does come out victorious i wouldn't be surprised, hey is anyone when Cena wins???
But the more i thought about it the more Barrett might, just might, win. Internet fans have wanted Cena to turn heel for a loooong time now, its not gonna happen, he sells to much merchandise and is a publicity machine, but him being forced into joining a heel group would be enough to make things interesting for the cookie cutter Cena. Barrett is gonna be a superstar and has actually been keep relatively strong throughout the whole Nexus storyline, it would be believable for him to come out with the win here. There are also alot of unanswered questions about the Nexus, like what was the "bigger picture", was there a mastermind behind them, will any of the NXT season 2 rookies be involved in a new wave of Nexus attackers?...
Also it keeps the angle between Cena & Barrett going because no doubt there would be tension inside the Nexus if Cena were to join. Plus honestly, if Cena was to win and this was the blow off match where would each go next? Cena move onto a feud with Orton or a non title feud with Sheamus (again)? I don't think so...
Prediction: I still say Cena wins, Nexus disband but Barrett keep sthe rivalry with Cena going.

Before i go onto my last prediction and the match that i think will close the show, i'll just say if they add a Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio match up, i think lil' Rey Rey loses again. He's so over with the kids he doesn't need to win and the victory will help Del Rio more than it'll hurt Rey. My favorite thing about Alberto is his personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. That guy is brilliant.

No doubt in my mind that the final match of the night will be The Undertaker vs. Kane, i heard people complain they didn't close the show at Night of Champions, but come on the 6 pack challenge had way too much star power to not and plus they're gonna close this show so it don;t matter. Hell in a cell match for the world heavyweight title, champion Kane vs. The Undertaker along with Paul Bearer. When i first heard the rumors of this match, months ago apparently Kane was set to retire and so this would be a fitting way for him to go...he debuted during a Hell In A Cell his last match could be a Hell In A Cell, nice. But no, now i hear its more likely that The Undertaker will be the one retiring soon(ish). I still think 'Taker wins, i hope one of them disappears for a while after this match. I'd be fine with them having one more match at WresteMania if they really must but just could do without the story going on every week after this. I also really wish the title wasn't involved. This could have been the main event with or without the gold. Neither of them need it at this stage in their careers and think it would be much better on a younger competitor like CM Punk. Then, with CM punk defending against someone, the WWE could actually have another high profile match to advertise when trying to sell the pay per view. Anyway i think 'Taker wins, all the creatures of the night celebrate (wait isn;t that what Jeffro Hardy's fans are called now???) and the dark days come over the WWE again. Or maybe Bearer turns on 'Taker setting up more weekly family drama on Smackdown and setting up yet another match between the brothers grim at the Undertaker's 20th anniversary at the Survivor Series...God i hope not, what else is left to drag out of this storyline, maybe Kane can talk the Million Dollar Man into bringing back the fake Undertaker, or maybe now Luke Gallows is out of the S.E.S he can go back to being fake Kane (although i'd prefer if he went back to using 'Biscuits & Gravy' as his theme), maybe Jerry Lawler could bring back his old dentist or J.R. could bring back fake Diesel, maybe Kama will melt the urn into a chain again, sadly no chance of another match between 'Taker & Giant Gonzalez but Harvey Wippleman is still employed by the WWE maybe Kane could get him to recruit another monster to help destroy his brother, is Kamala working anywhere nowdays???

Please let Undertaker win and give this feud a break. Thank you.

So thats Hell in a Cell, anything can happen and going by the history of it it we can look forward to some of the most brutal and violent matches in WWE history, oh wait its rated PG so not quite anything can happen anymore, at worst we might hear Randy Orton say a bad word if we're really lucky!

whats next for Undertaker & Kane? we can only hope...

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