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Halloween Heroes!

Featured Nugget: Halloween Heroes - Great Wrestling Costume Ideas

With Halloween right around the corner what better reason can you have to dress up all awesome and go out acting the fool?! Being the big wrestling fan i am, most of my costume ideas seem to revolve around my favorite wrestlers.
At Halloween costume parties around the world you might see multiple Hulk Hogans, Ultimate Warriors, Stings & Undertakers running wild, as classic as these characters are, they've been done too many times, i wanna see more effort when choosing which wrestler to go dressed as. 
(I'm not gonna deny the brilliance of these costumes, its just that they've been done so many times...credit to you if you actually do go out rocking some yellow Speedos though!)

 While there are multiple other wrestling superstars whose characters are even more fitting of Halloween,such as The Boogeyman, Papa Shango, Kamala and even Doink the Clown, they haven't made the list either...
some more Halloweeny characters...

 (Okay, if you go as Doink AND have 3 midgets dressed as Dink, Wink & Pink then you are awesome and your costume rules!) 

Top 10 Wrestlers You Should Dress Up As For Halloween:

10) Carlito
All you need for this one is a wig, a Hawaiian shirt and an apple. Bring some cool to any parties you attend, plus you have a ready made 'trick' of spitting in the face of anyone not cool enough to treat you to the good candy...
(Really, i do not condone spitting in the face of anyone, it's disgusting. But Carlito is still cool, and you could always just eat the apple anyway, it's good for ya!)

9) Skinner
i know some people that actually already dress like Skinner so it doesn't count if i see them at a Halloween party in this get up. Good thing about this look though is if anyone confuses you for the Crocodile Hunter you can spit dip in their eye and just act like the filthy pig Gorilla Monsoon so often told us he was.

8) Repo Man
mainly cause i think his little bandit mask is great and how many people do you see with old car tires actually attached to their coats?! 

7) King Kurt Angle
To get this costume right may take a little bit of effort. You'll need an Olympic gold medal (or cheap plastic one from Walmart), a wrestling leotard (preferably decorated in the colors of the American flag), a regal looking cape and a impressively sized crown.
Kurt Angle is a true hero, not only to America but to everybody all over the world. What better way of showing your admiration than to dress up as King Kurt and trick or treat your friends and neighbors with the values of the "3 I's" or ankle locks all night!
Alternatively, if you can't find a royal enough crown, grab a miniature cowboy hat and go as 'Cowboy' Kurt! 
"Yippe Ki Yay!"

6) Naked Mideon
possibly the cheapest Halloween costume you will ever find. All you need is a fanny pack, which you should be able to find pretty cheap (just hopefully not one already used by Naked Mideon)
Seeing as the end of October can be a particularly chilly time an alternate costume instead of Naked Mideon is Giant Gonzales. While you still have the overall appearance of nakedness the complete bodysuit and added fur will help to keep you warm. As a bonus you do get to paint on your own abs if you go for this costume choice. I'd advise you to get extra drunk and uncoordinated to pull off the most realistic portrail of this character.

5) The Berzerker
Put simply this is a great look! The hair, the beard, the hat, the shortest of dresses! And this costume also allows the option of going with a partner dressed as Mr. Fuji. Situations like that are what they call "Win, Win!"
come on, who doesn't want to rock such an awesome looking helmet?! "Huss, Huss!"

4) The Shockmaster

This costume is easy to make. You just need a Stormtrooper helmet and a lot of glitter. Sparkle up your Star Wars head piece and away you go. A sleeve less fur over coat does add to the overall look (as does a nice sized pot belly) but any kind of old robe/shawl should do.
Bonus points if you crash through any ones wall or window while entering the party.

3) Crash Holly

Who didn't love the late, great 'Super heavyweight' Crash Holly? The King of the Hardcore matches and Elroy Jetson lookalike. Only problem with this costume is you have to be careful of other party goers dressed like Patterson & Brisco in drag as they may try to attack you because of the Hardcore 24/7 rule. 
It also might be a bit awkward to carry around weight scales all night.

2) Big Van Vader
Wearing a Vader costume also gives you the right to act like a jerk to the host of the party. This costume would work on absolutely anybody and make them look like a bad ass! Imagine a baby in a full Big Van Vader costume...quality, much better than the Darth Vader baby below!
Also, if you manage to add the Big Van Vader smoke spewing helmet to your costume then extra points for you my friend.

1) Max Moon

The number one, most awesome wrestling inspired Halloween costume ever is this. I don't know how exactly you'd go about making such an awe inspiring outfit but you may need some old hose pipe and some blue plastic from pool floaties.
I don't know why the WWEShop
Just take a look at the suit! Actually, forget Halloween, this should be worn every day!!!

I'd like to add that dressing up your kid as a wrestler can be pretty cool too, the same rules apply, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and the like are still over done, if you must go as a really famous superstar, old school Sting costumes are cooler than crow like Sting costumes.

And yes, even if you draw fake tattoos and a beard on a little kid, Undertaker costumes are still too common.

Dressing your dog up as any wrestler though is automatically awesome!

Okay and i have to admit, a Hulk Hogan this small is pretty amazing:

if you do decide to dress up as a wrestler this Halloween (or even whenever you like just for fun) add some pics in the comments. 

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