Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Power Poll

Featured Nugget: Power Poll

Thanks to Wrestlespective here is the latest 'Power Poll' (No. 20, 10/20/10)  (now with WrestlingNuggets as a voter!)...

  1. Wade Barrett (Last week: 1) Barrett’s bullying of John Cena and other dastardly acts keep him at No. 1 for the second straight week.
  2. Big Show (NR) Quite a giant leap for the Big Show, who hasn’t been in the Power Poll since July.
  3. Randy Orton (3) Despite receiving a sterling beating from Nexus, the WWE champion stays strong in the poll.
  4. Edge (9) Another week on Smackdown, another big rise up the rankings.
  5. The Miz (2) Miz slides a bit, but he certainly stands to benefit from a good showing at Bragging Rights. Plus, he always has that Money in the Bank briefcase in his pocket. (Well, not literally)
  6. Kane (4) As long as he is the world champion, it seems Kane has a spot in the top 10. Will that continue after the buried alive match?
  7. John Cena (6) I wouldn’t have been quite as sad at seeing the guy who kicked my father in the head get beat up, but maybe I’m just not as sensitive as Cena is.
  8. Jeff Hardy (5) Hardy slides a little after a post-heel turn and TNA title win bump.
  9. Undertaker (NR) The Dead Man returned to seek revenge on Kane and Paul Bearer. Again.
  10. Daniel Bryan (NR) Can he dance? Yes. Should he dance? Um…
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WrestlingNuggets' own voting ballot this week went a little something like:
10. Kane - Still champ but he got beat up by his brother. Hopefully the feud ends with the 'Buried Alive' match, it has to right?! (number 10 mighta been Daniel Bryan after he made the ic champ tap out but then he started dancing...)

9. Goldust - Getting alot of tv time in build up for his book. Looking good since he stole the Million $ title.

8. Jack Swagger - on Team SD after an easy win over MVP. Viscous side coming out with his attack on Edge. And he has an awesome mascot!

7. The Miz - Not the best week for Team Raw's captain, he'll bounce back, i think by bringing the Bragging Rights trophy to Raw. He still cut awesome promos this week.

6. John Cena - Got a win while teaming with Orton won, but when is he getting his Nexus shirt?

5. Undertaker - Stood on a rooftop for most of SD but eventually got some revenge on his bro.

4. Randy Orton - Won a match but got beat down, i hope he loses the title at 'Bragging Rights'.

3. Edge - Momentum building since he moved back to SD.

2. Wade Barrett - Good times with Cena, also a fan of his beatdowns of Orton.

1. Big Show - the WWE is all about the Captain of Team SmackDown right now, even though his movie looks terrible. I wish that lil kid, Bobb'e J. Thompson, went on to do a sequel to 'Role Models' instead of 'Knucklehead' i would like to see 'Adventures of the Booby Watcher'.

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