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Raw Report - 10/11/10

Nugget Commentary - WWE Raw Report, Review, Wrap Up, Response...Whatever You Wanna Call It...

Raw opened up with John Cena coming out to his own music in his own gear, this made my wife happy cause she likes his tune and thought she'd never hear it again afetr he joined Nexus. haha. So Cena came out and cut a good promo, which i think gave us a hint that we may see a more heel orientated Cena pretty soon. He said "You might have to see me do some things you don't wanna see me do". 
I think this is a good way of turning him full on bad guy, cause if he completely bombs in the role, then they can just switch him back and say he had to do it anyway else he would have got fired. 
(First heel Cena action i predict...costing Orton the title at Bragging Rights. At least i hope so, i really want Wade Barrett to become the WWE Champion.)
The Miz came out to join the party (in yet another nice suit, he must be getting paid well now) and invited Cena to become part of Team Raw at Bragging Rights. Cena liked the idea of being in the team but not that of Miz being the captain. (How rude, the Miz is awesome, doesn't he know? What does he watch on Monday nights???) Barrett finally interrupted and put Cena in his place, he'll be in Barrett's corner at the pay per view and that'll be his most important role. The Anonymous GM then of course had something to say and set up a match between The Miz and John Cena with the winner becoming Captain of Team Raw.

It was a nice start to Raw, with the future stars getting a good amount of exposure. I'm such a fan of both Wade Barrett & The Miz so of course i liked it. The only thing i didn't like was Miz no selling Barrett's headbutt in the little brawl that all got into at the end. Oh well.

Next up was the battle of the worst entrance themes in the WWE. Ted DiBiase vs. R-Truth
Wow, Ted DiBiase has nothing going for him does he? He really needs to be part of a tag team or at least in a stable with a charismatic partner. And why does the WWE employ Eve? So she can dance terribly to R-Truth's terrible music?! 
Anyway, R-Truth wins the match after Goldust distracted Ted. (Goldie is gonna have his work cut out trying to make anything interesting out of this little fed for the Million Dollar Title.) And in doing so becomes the first member of Team Raw.

John Morrison took on Tyson Kidd in the next match, which seemed like a good time to promote the new dvd 'Highest Flyers' that has just been released. Surprisingly, there wasn't really that much high flying going on in the match (which apparently David Hart Smith was supposed to be part of as well) but unsurprisingly JoMo gets the win. 
Morrison's finishing move for this match was ridiculous by the way, absolutely dumb. I'd like to see him try to hit that move on Big Show or actually anyone else other than Tyson Kidd. Sure Morrison is super athletic but boy is he lame. 

I was actually happy that the scene cut from him and to backstage with Heath Slater being center of the screen! Imagine that, someone pleased to see Heath Slater?!

The backstage segment featured David Otunga, Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel of the Nexus talking to Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty. They wanted to know what was going on with them, are they part of the Nexus or what? Barrett interrupted and sent Husky & Mr. Imperfect on their way. A match gets set up for later in the show between Randy Orton and a member of the Nexus, Otunga talked Gabriel into being Orton's opponent. (How long until Otunga is out of the group?)

Santino Marella vs. Zack Ryder was the next match which, mistakenly, was put on during the middle of the show instead of as the main event. 
Amazingly the winner of this match got to be a member of Team Raw and will actually be part of a match on ppv! 
The cobra strikes and Santino wins, he then got some loving from Tamina. Man, The Unibrow is such a hit with the ladies. 
I feel bad for Ryder now Edge has left Raw, maybe he could move to Superstars and reform his team with Curt Hawkins.

The Justin Gabriel match up against Randy Orton was next, and it was pretty good. The other members of Nexus got sent away from ringside after Otunga, (of course it was him, he's the trouble maker of the group!) tried to interfere. Near the end of the match Gabriel went up for the 450 Splash but Orton seemed a little slow rolling away from and so The Viper got caught on his arms. It looked like Orton was in pain at first but he quit selling his arm and hit the RKO (what else?) to get the win. Hopefully Gabriel won't get in trouble for it, and they won't go overboard and ban the high risk move again. Maybe they could turn the botch into a rerun of Earthquake & Jake 'The Snake's feud from the early 90's, when 'Quake squashed Damien the Python. But this time it'd be Gabriel trying to squash the Viper.

A preview of Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 was shown after the match, i just have to say, i hope that was a player created Wade Barrett and not the downloadable content because it looked awful...

The next match up on Raw was another qualifying match for Team Raw and a rematch from last week. Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan. 
More astonishing than the amount of offence Bryan got in during this match was the fact that Michael Cole messed up while commentating. He said Team WWE lost at Summerslam. 
Geez, Cole, it was only a couple of months ago. I know there's been like 6 ppv's since but you'd think he could remember the results of the main events. And anyway he has the GM's laptop right there, he should go and wikipedia anything he ain't sure of, everything on the internet's true right?
Sheamus got the victory in a nicely competitive match. I hope they find a feud for Bryan soon.

R-Truth had a little chat with John Cena in the dressing room, i didn't really pay attention to it.

Yet another Team Raw qualifying match was next on the agenda. Evan Bourne competing against Raw's newest superstar, CM Punk. 
The biggest news here wasn't about Punk's transfer from Smackdown to Raw but the fact that he had shaved. Bye awesome beard, you will be missed. 
Punk got an easy win, in a quick match up. Then beat Bourne up some more after the bell. Apparently Evan has an injured shoulder and needs surgery so thats the storyline reason to get him off screen for some time. 
Punk said something like "its not personal" during the attack, so it'll be interesting to see if that goes anywhere. I'm glad they traded Punk away from the failed SES and his feud with Big Show, but just hope he gets something he can work with on Raw. He really is one of/if not the best all rounders in the company at the moment and deserves to be near the top of the card. 
I think Edge will do very well on Smackdown, fingers crossed it works out just as well for Punk on Raw, i just really hope this attack on Evan Bourne doesn't lead to a feud between him & Mark Henry...

Natayla & Laycool set up a Divas Championship match at Bragging Rights in the next segment. Best thing about this was the photoshopped pic of Natty side by side with her dad 'The Anvil' both with matching beards. Genius!
The rest of the divas came out and attacked Laycool afterwards (the rest of the divas suck by the way.)

Time for the main event. The Miz with his young padawan, Alex Riley, vs. John Cena with the winner becoming Team Raw 'El Capitan!' 
The Raw GM had made the match up 'no disqualification', so I thought this meant, for sure, Nexus was interfering to let The Miz win, i was sorta right. 
So the match was pretty good, the end came when A-Ry interfered and Cena put him in the STF, then McGillicutty and Husky ran in and blasted Cena, leaving The Miz there to pick up the easy pin.
After the match the GM set up next weeks main event, which is, Husky & McGillicutty taking on John Cena and his tag team partner Randy Orton. With Barrett adding the stipulation that if Cena loses, Husky & Imperfect get to join the Nexus. 
Barrett knows Cena "will do the right thing."
There was some tension between the 2 as Raw went off the air, with that rapscallion, Barrett, calling Cena all sorts of rude and unfriendly names, and Cena not being able to do anything about it. 
Wade then used Cena's own catchphrase against him saying till next week "You can't see me!" That rascal, oh was Cena mad! haha.
Is it just me or has the Raw GM suddenly turned very Nexus friendly once again? Hmmm?

Anyway Raw ends with 6 of the 7 Team Raw members announced and the captain in place. I guess the last member of the team could still be Cena or maybe a returning superstar like Triple H...

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