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WWE DVD Wish List...

Nugget Feature: DVDs That I Wish The WWE Would Produce

Like a lot of WWE fans i recently bought the dvd set on Chris Jericho, Breaking The Code, as always the WWE produced a highly polished and excellently put together dvd. 
This release caused a number of discussions on the good old Twitter website. One question bought up by, a huge wrestling fan and regular tweeter of interesting stuff, Jason Mann, who tweets as @wrestlespective, asked what other wrestlers, promotions or events you'd like to see featured on their own dvd (or blu ray for all you high rollers!) set? 

This got me thinking, and as i thought up quite a few i've gone and listed the top 10 dvds i want...

10) CM Punk is one of my favorite wrestlers at the moment. Love him or hate him he is undoubtably one of the top all rounders in the company. 
Even though he hasn't been in the WWE for that long i feel he's done enough to warrant getting a disc released on his accomplishments so far. 
One thing i would like the WWE to do is although they have hours of classic footage ready to use, sometimes younger stars wont have any of their history on WWE owned tape. Surely the WWE could afford to pay Ring Of Honor or some other smaller promotions to be able to use footage of wrestlers before they made it to the big time. 
The way WWE deals with ROH, almost using it as a feeder promotion by signing up its talent, i think it'd only be fair to give them some publicity through WWE produced dvd releases. It shouldn't be too hard for both companies to come up with some monetary agreement over the footage and CM Punk could be an ideal first benefactor of any such deal.. I would much rather they acknowledge the history of a wrestler in different promotions rather than just quickly skip over the developing chapters of a career or even worse flat out ignore them.

9) Beyond the Mat & Wrestling With Shadows are 2 of my favorite documentary films. 
Both offer amazingly, interesting looks into the behind the scenes of wrestling and a view at the impact wrestling takes on the personal life of some of those involved. One wrestler i think who would make an unbelievably good documentary subject is Goldust.
To coinsede with his autobiography release the WWE should produce a in depth look at the guy who started out as 'the Natural', a son of a hall of famer and a good old Texas brawler, before the WWE character department turned him into the "Bizarre One", Goldust. 
Dustin Rhodes must have a hell of a story to tell, and i can't wait to read his book. Much like when the then WWF had sit down interviews between Goldust & JR i think a full length documentary film would be unmissable stuff.

8) This next one is the least likely to ever happen i think. But i'd love for WWE to produce a complete history of Raven
They own all the footage of the parts of his career that matter. With the amount of controversial angles,matches and promos he was involved in this would make some great viewing.
Also along with a Raven profile, i'd love a dvd on the co-creator of Raven, the "Mad Scientist" Paul Heyman
Showcasing his long history in wrestling. From his days as Paul E. Dangerously with the Dangerous Alliance in WCW, to behind the scenes stories from ECW and then onto his WWE years. If you've seen any of his interviews concerning Brock Lesnar's mma career, you know the guy can talk, he's interesting, intelligent and hugely creative. He would have some incredibly interesting things to say about his wrestling past i'm sure.

7) I want a proper WCW dvd. Not the disappointing Rise & Fall of WCW, just a dvd looking back at all the good stuff the company did, and well maybe some of the dumb stuff too cause thats just funny. 
At the very least i'd like a dvd about the awesome Cruiserweight division they had. A history of its championship history would be great.

6) One wrestler that is long overdue a dvd of his own is 'The Mastadon' Vader

The guy was an absolute monster and had a ton of great matches in WCW and around the world before his disappointing run in WWF in 1996. Still, even in the WWF he had some big moments. This could be a great disc, especially if they added some of the legendary backstage stories (such as his assaulting of Kuwaiti TV hosts) that there are about the big man and maybe even the 'Boy Meets World' episodes he appeared in! :)

It's time for a Vader dvd! (see what i did there???!!!)

5) There needs to be a dvd on Rick Rude already. 

Come on the guy dragged multiple good matches out of the Ultimate Warrior. He had great feuds in both WWF & WCW. Its time to make a 'Ravishing' dvd. Heck, there could be a feature devoted to his trunk designs alone. Anyone who could rock a 'stache as good as his, deserves his own dvd.

4) Two guys who started out in the Attitude era, that both went on to long and successful careers with the WWE and would make a long overdue dvd that would totally reek of awesomeness. I'm talking about Edge & Christian
From their beginning as mysterious, gothic inspired members of the Brood, 

to their days of surfer like dudes with their 5 second poses, 

E&C have been involved in classic tag team matches and some of the most entertaining skits in WWE history. 

From Mick Foley and the Rock, to Kurt Angle and even Billy Gunn, E&C had memorable moments with all of them. 
Both guys then went on to to seperate singles and occasionaly with different tag partners glory. A dvd look back is long overdue, especially on Edge whose been with the WWE over 10 years now. 
While i mentioned earlier how i'd like the WWE to pay smaller companies to use footage, i doubt they'd do that with, the closest thing they have to a rival in todays wrestling industry, TNA. So while Christian's biggest moments as a singles wrestler may be missing they could at least talk about how he won the top titles in other promotions and he's also got a ton of classic singles stuff from the WWE.(like his rap battles with Cena
I would love a 3 disc set on these. With one dedicated to the team, one on Edge & another on Christian. 

Of course Edge's WWE career could go on to fill a 3 disc set by itself but think of the quality that would be included if they made a tight package on all of them together.

3) WWE needs to embrace all the missteps its ever taken and release a dvd of its worst moments. A 'Worst Of The WWE' dvd would be hugely entertaining. Imagine  a 'Botchamania' crossed with 'Wrestlecrap' type dvd...yup, i'm calling it...Best.Idea.Ever! 
I'd be all about that, highlighting the worst of the worst, with terrible matches and crap gimmicks running wild, and the entire 3rd season of NXT. They could even get Mike Adamle to host it. Good times guarenteed, my friends, good times.

2) One guy who i'm sure the WWE production department is already working on a retrospective for but are just waiting for him to finish with another company is Sting

I wouldn't even care about his TNA days not being mentioned, i would just like a dvd covering his early days teaming with the Ultimate Warrior to his super sonic rise to fame in WCW. He's had legendary feuds with Ric Flair & the 4 Horsemen, Ravishing Rick Rude & Big Van Vader & Hollywood Hogan that all deserve to be on a dvd. The nWo and the WCW Nitro vs. Raw years have already been covered, but never has there been an in depth look at the face of WCW, Sting. 

Stories on his change to the 'Crow' Sting, to the last days of World Championship Wrestling and why he never signed with the WWE should all be included. A couple of years ago i heard they were actually about to release a dvd on the man known as Sting, that release was cancelled obviously but it means there is one in production. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later.

1) My number one pick to be made into a dvd is arguably the greatest wrestler ever, Kurt Angle

He had so many classic matches in WWE, too many to list, it may have to be a huge 5 disc dvd collection. He could also do comedy so well that the skits featured would be hilarious. 
Shortly after he debuted with the WWF a VHS was released about him, but it was a disapointing in character look at a man, who even though was already good, hadn't even hit his stride. 

I would love Angle to return to the WWE so he could sit down and record interviews and memories on his career, but a collection of his matches would be more than good enough by itself. Angle would also be a brillaint subject for a documentary, with his intense competitiveness and years of injuries and other problems, to take a behind the scenes look at he man would be eye opening to say the least. 

I think Angle will be back in the WWE's good graces one day, be it as a wrestler after his TNA deal expires or just as a spokesperson/Alumni member after he calls it quits. He is too good not to have his matches showcased. 
I would actually like it if WWE bought out TNA just so they could add his battles with Samoa Joe, Desmond Wolfe and AJ Styles onto the set. But his WWE career would be more than enough to potentially make it my favorite wrestling dvd of all time. 
It's true, it's damn true.
By the way i know TNA made a Kurt Angle dvd, Champion, but it just ain't the same. WWE production quality is way better and they just have more footage to work with.

Quick look Top 10:
10) CM Punk
9) Goldust
8) Raven
7) WCW
6) Vader
5) 'Ravishing' Rick Rude
4) Edge & Christian
3) The Worst Of The WWE
2) Sting
1) Kurt Angle

So thats my list, a few who just missed the cut would be:
Brock Lesnar, who I already have a dvd about but another one covering his entire wrestling career including the infamous WresleMania XX match against Goldberg would be very cool to have. 

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall would both have cool stories to tell,i'm sure. Although Nash might be able to remember more. I'd like a lookback at his days from Oz & Vinnie Vegas to Big Daddy Cool and then the nWo and on...

Also i wish they still made bonus features like the excellent 'Mania of WrestleMania' documentary that was included on the WrestleMania XIX dvd. That was so good i woulda bought it as a separate release. Make more WWE, do it!

And since i started this whole blog with mention of Twitter if you're not already on there go set up an account! I'll even give you a heads up of a few cool tweeters to follow to start with. @IAmNotANugget_(that's me! :) ) @DXDONMEGA @wrestlespective @JRsBBQ @JoeyStyles @WWE 

So wrestling fans, get on over to twitter and chat with like minded souls about your favorite wrestlers or matches. Or if you prefer, go and argue with a bunch of random people around the world. 
Its fun times, just watch out for those Matt Hardy accounts! 

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