Monday, October 11, 2010

"They" Rule!!!

Nugget Commentary:

Of course i'm not talking about "They" who showed up in TNA last night.

I'm talking about these guys...

Kaientai!!! now 'They' Rule

and "They" suck!

TNA Wrestling held "it's biggest ever ppv" last night, on 10/10/10. Not only were they gonna crown a new TNA World Champion but also after months of speculation Abyss was finally gonna announce who "They" were...

Ever since Paul Heyman turned down TNA and took with him the only cool payoff TNA could have possibly had with their "They" are coming angle, some folks may have wondered, more just didn't even care...

There were no huge free agents it could've been to make any of it seem worthwhile or cool. But the actual line up of "They" that TNA threw together may be even worse than you imagined. Abyss, Jarrett, Bischoff, Hulky & Jeff Hardy! 
How random can you get, and in no way does it make me care enough to watch their show. Such a fail.

Fangirls and boys you now have to boo this man, the dastardly Jeffro!

I'm sure there are some people wondering how Jeff Hardy could go bad? Why Jeff Why? They may ask...I blame this guy...
nice facepaint
(seriously Papa Shango might actually be able to save the angle, it'd be awesome if they unveiled him as the mastermind behind it all! Plus i wanna see a Jeff Hardy put a voodoo curse on Mike Tenay)

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