Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shoulda Been A Superstar...

Featured Nugget: Shoulda Been A Superstar #1

Ever seen someone in another profession and thought they'd make a great wrestler?...
No, okay, well thats fine 'cause i have.
There are a bunch of celebrities, in many different fields (sports, acting, music) that possess some of the necessary qualities needed to be successful in wrestling. Whether that persons strengths lie in their personality or energy, i've picked out some that i think have what it takes to fit in with the characters and antics of professional wrestling.
So here goes with the first installment of a new feature for this blog, 'Shoulda Been A Superstar' (oh and i know some of these guys are already Superstars in their own right, but i'm using the term in the way Vince McMahon intended a wrestling, whoops i mean, 'Sports Entertainment Superstar!')

The first person i say could've made a huge impact in the world of wrestling is...
1) Shaquille O'Neal
O'Neal already possesses a lot of qualities needed to be successful in pro wrestling. The size, the power, the athleticism, the charisma, the nicknames (Shaq, Superman, The Diesel, The Big Daddy, The Big Shaqtus, heck they wouldn't have a problem coming up with merchandise ideas and t-shirts for him!)
Maybe even more importantly than all that, the fact that he has already starred in movies which put Hulk Hogan's and John Cena's best acting efforts to shame. 

Come on, if any WWE Film's that have been released featured Kazaam they would be improved instantly, no more 'limited engagements' for their theatrical runs!

Along with acting in cinematic masterpieces, like those mentioned above, Shaq has already had run ins with WWE superstars. He has appeared on both Raw & Smackdown as well as WCW Nitro in the past.
Standing over 7 feet tall and at over 300 pounds, Shaq easily measures up with even the biggest of wrestlers.
Not only is he as big but he would definitely be more athletic and impressive in the ring than some other giants such as 'The Great Khali', 'Giant Gonzales', 'Giant Silva'& 'Kurrgan' 
Shaq has been training in mixed martial arts for about 10 years and wants to try himself in a professional mma bout, he is even an unlockable character in the UFC game 'UFC Undisputed 2010'.
Instead of fighting in mma, Shaq could use his mma training to help him in the world of pro wrestling as fighters have previously crossed over from MMA to pro wrestling and vice versa. Ken Shamrock & Brock Lesnar are just 2 examples of fighters who have battled in both sports. 
Shaq also has another weapon, one even more dangerous than his years of mma and strength training. A weapon only he possesses and one that would surely help him out as a wrestler...
Yup, the powerhouse Shaq also boasts his own fighting style with which he could take down his opponents!
A self professed wrestling fan, Shaq has multiple strengths that would help him succeed in the squared circle. But even with his size, sporting background and other qualities behind him there would be one problem that had to be resolved before Shaq could go on to become a wrestling superstar...where should he wrestle?!
Deciding which company Shaq should sign for in wrestling is a tough choice. Obviously the smaller more technical orientated Ring Of Honor would be ruled out, and he's too big of a star to be stuck in some other indies...So that leaves the it down to WWE or TNA.
If Shaq were to sign with the WWE, his future could hold not only wrestling championships but also possibly Grammy awards. Music lovers would rejoice at the thought of a rap duo involving Shaq and WWE poster boy, John Cena.
Imagine how great a collaborative cd between those two would be! John Lennon would be rolling over in his grave...trying to hide the boner he just got from hearing their music!

However, that potential musical masterpiece aside what if Shaq were to wrestle for TNA??? 
Wrestling fans, and well, everybody all over earth would be blessed with the opportunity of getting to witness the greatest sporting contest ever even dreamed...
Steel vs. Shep!
Yup, who wouldn't want to see Shaq as the guy from his movie 'Steel' against Hulk Hogan's 'Shep Ramsey' character from Suburban Commando?
Talk about 'Dream Matches' This one would be bigger than any WrestleMania main event ever. Bigger than every main event put together possibly!
Steel vs. Shep: I smell buy rates! 

So there you have it, proof positive that Shaq could and would be a huge Superstar in the world of professional wrestling. That was just the first entry though, there are more to come. Have your say about this piece or who you think could be a wrestler in the comments down there somewhere or over on the Twitter
Thanks for reading.

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