Friday, October 22, 2010

PPV Results: UFC 121 Lesnar vs. Velasquez

Featured Nugget: PPV Predictions Results- UFC 121
With the huge UFC heavyweight title match up fast approaching this weekend, another battle will also be going down...UFC 121 will mark the beginning of WrestlingNuggets' newest feature, the fight prediction league.
Simply put, myself and a few other mma fans will make our picks, they'll all be recorded here and we'll compete to see who guesses the most right after each event. (for more indepth predictions check out my earlier post here)
The participants of the league include:
Don Owens, the host of 'Future Endeavors' podcast show & huge fight fan. Follow him on Twitter @DXDONMEGA 
Steven Money, long time MMA fan and opinionated Tweeter (@stevenamoney)
myself (@IAmNotANugget_), creator of the WrestlingNuggets blog
and also Corey Santiago, 'Future Endeavors' mma expert (@CoreySantiago)

Now that the introductions are out of the way, lets get onto the predictions. (Only the main card fights are included.)...

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Brendan Schaub - winner: Brendan Schaub (unanimous decision)
Don Owens' pick: Gonzaga
Steven Money's pick: Gonzaga
WrestlingNuggets' pick: Gonzaga
Corey Santiago's pick: Gonzaga
not a great start for our predictions as we all thought Gonzaga's experience would prove too much for Schaub. Big win for Schaub though who now looks to move up the heavyweight contenders ladder with a possible fight against Frank Mir...

Matt Hamill vs. Tito Ortiz - winner: Matt Hamill (unanimous decision)
DO's pick : Ortiz
SM's pick: Hamill
WN's pick: Ortiz
CS's pick: Ortiz
Steven Money is the first predictor on the scoreboard correctly guessing Hamill would get the win. The rest of us thought we were gonna see a re-energized and focused Tito come back and pick up the win. We were mistaken. I thought Tito actually looked good in the first round, Hamill clearly won the rest though. What's next for both? A lot are saying Tito should call it quits and not go on to become like Ken Shamrock who continued to fight way past his prime, and Dana White says Hamill will get a top 10 opponent next. I wanna see Jon Jones get his win back against him!

Diego Sanchez vs. Paulo Thiago - winner: Diego Sanchez (unanimous decision)
DO's pick: Thiago
SM's pick: Sanchez
WN's pick: Sanchez
CS's pick: Sanchez
Fight of the night. A great match up. Sanchez got his fire back in this one and helped myself & Corey Santiago pick up our first points of the night. Steven Money holds onto his lead though with his second correct pick of the card.

Martin Kampmann vs. Jake Shields - winner: Jake Shields (split decision)
DO's pick: Kampmann
SM's pick: Shields
WN's pick: Shields
CS's pick: Kampmann
Steven stays one ahead of Wrestling Nuggets as we both correctly picked Shields to pick up a victory in his UFC debut. Fight was pretty much what i expected with Shields using his wrestling skills to takedown and grind out the win. A lot of fans were upset with his tactics but thats what he does. Not the most exciting but just like Jon Fitch & Grey Maynard he's successful. I thought Kampmann was impressive in standing back up as much as he did.

Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez - winner: Cain Velasquez (TKO Round 1)
DO's pick: Lesnar
SM's pick: Lesnar
WN's pick: Lesnar
CS's pick: Lesnar
Main event time and we were way off with our picks. Not one of us picked Cain to win, that's not to say his victory was all that surprising. We had all talked about the threat he posed and how dangerous he could be, i even downright called him the 'Future of the division' before the event, but to win in such dominating fashion i don't think anyone expected! 
Not the most impressive showing for our predictions but at least we all guessed at least 1 right...oh wait, someone didn't even score 1! Poor Don Owens! haha. Steven Money currently leads the pack with his score of 3 correct picks.
Hopefully we'll all be a bit more accurate for the next event (which is free on Spike tv :) ) UFC 122 Marqardt vs. Okami.

prediction scoreboard:
1)  Steven Money: (3,2)
2)  Wrestling Nuggets: (2,3)
3)  Corey Santiago: (1,4)
4)  Don Owens: (0,5)

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