Friday, October 22, 2010

The Best Of... #badwrestlingnames

Featured Nugget - The Best Of...#badwrestlingnames

Oh, that old Twitter website. What a wonderful time waster it can turn out to be, especially with its, mostly, pointless Trending Topics. Usually the TT's are full of stupid and embarrassing things but every once in a while someone makes up a hashtag that can only be described as genius. 
The latest Twitter trend to tickle me was #badwrestlingnames. 
I tried to come up with a few of my own:
Andre The Average Height Guy,  'Sexual Infection' Mark Henry,  HBK The Heart Burn Kid  and   
Buff Bags-Groceries-Well...
but i just couldn't match the quality coming from other Tweeters around the world. 
So, here are my top 10 (or however many i wanna add) favorite #badwrestlingnames...

@wrestlespective - Harley Racist

@nickg_90 - Cody 'Dashing Through The Snow' Rhodes

@19jms - Brutus 'The Blogger' Beefcake

@PQPicklefeather - George 'The Animal Stool'

@geoffreygreen71 - Jimmy 'Superfly' Snooki

@williamesharp - The Penultimate Warrior

@AndyDaSilvaDJ - Justin Tolerable

and my favorite #badwrestlingnames made from a pun from a actual wrestler name:

while a lot of people attempted to make funnies by way of puns on famous wrestlers like those above, others just went all out for comedy, more #badwrestlingnames below...

actually Cuddles might not be a terrible name for a big Diva...

yeah this name just has bad news bears written all over it. haha

and i'm guessing 'Uncle Touchy' would never make it as a good guy...

and my all time favorite #badwrestlingname...


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