Monday, October 25, 2010

Lizard's Licking Likelihoods - Fight Results

Featured Nugget - Lizard's Licking Likelihoods - Fight Results

so the weekend is over and all the pay per view event results are in...
After guessing completely accurately for the UFC event, the physic lizard was feeling super cocky heading into WWE Bragging Rights. Thankfully, she came up short with her prediction of Team Raw winning as she would have been unbearable had she been 100% correct with all her picks.
Lizzy feeling pretty confident and braggadocious after Cain Velasquez's win...

The Bearded Dragon will be back with her picks in November. Trying to keep her 100% record for predicting UFC winners with the events: UFC 122 Nate Marquardt vs. Jushin Okami & UFC 123 'Rampage' Jackson vs. Lyoto Machida
As well as trying to guess her first wrestling winner at the WWE Survivor Series. 
(I may also see if she's interested in guessing at the WEC card featuring Urijah Faber vs. Takeya Mizugaki and any event TNA may promote, although i can't promise she'll be interested in them...)

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