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Wrestling At The Movies!

Featured Nugget - Wrestling At The Movies Entry #1
comparisons between wrestlers and feature films...

Mick Foley = Rocky
This one is obvious, along with being referenced on Raw and other shows, Foley himself even celebrated one of his title wins by yelling "Yo Adrian, i did it!"...

The similarities between Rocky & Foley run deep. Just like the first film, a struggling boxer gets a lucky break and makes it to the big time, Mick Foley struggled for years as Cactus Jack until he gained mainstream publicity in the WWF as Mankind. 
Just like Rocky doesn't quite win the world title in the first movie... at Survivor Series 1998 Foley, as Mankind, came close but didn't quite get his first championship.
The first 2 Rocky films could be seen as Foley's rise to the top and main event feud with The Rock, culminating in his first WWF Title win.
'Rocky 3' is the aftermath, with Foley now achieving main event status and being accepted as a credible champion.
'Rocky 4' is like his feud with the Ivan Drago esque Triple H.
Of course, Foley, just like the Rocky movies, maybe dragged his career out a little too long...there have been some horrible moments and matches since his "retirement" just like 'Rocky V'...and although there have been some bright spots in his TNA run it just wasn't as good as the original and has been mostly disappointing...can anyone say 'Rocky Balboa'?

Also Foley may or may not have a brother in law with an unnatural interest in Robot maids.

Ultimate Warrior = 300
It's pretty easy to compare the Ultimate Warrior and the movie '300', both are a case of style over substance. It was easy to be caught up in the hype for either of them, but both do have some obvious faults.

But as mocked and spoofed both the Warrior and '300' have been, there is no doubting their influence.
For all their faults both had some very cool moments. And of course, both the film and the Warrior were all about the 6 packs.

There is talk of a 300 sequel 'Xerxes', along with that there is a wrestler more than capable of filling the role that the Warrior set the standard for...let me introduce to you, the rope shaking, muscle head...
Batista = 300 Sequel

Brock Lesnar = Terminator
Come on this is an easy comparison. Brock came into the WWE as the 'next big thing' and was pretty much an unstoppable machine. 
Most wrestling fans turned on him though when he left thinking that he sold out, see his match against Goldberg at WrestleMania 20 if you want any proof of this. Anyway, you could consider Brock's wrestling run as the original 'Terminator' movie. He was the bad guy but you couldn't deny he was awesome. Even though he had left the WWE, you knew he'd "be back" somewhere (come on you had to expect me to try and use an "i'll be back" reference somewhere in here)
That place was the UFC, and Lesnar didn't take long to make a name for himself in MMA. Wrestling fans once again love big, bad Brock, now he's king of the UFC heavyweights. His run as a good guy but still a deadly machine is just like that of Arnie's character in 'Terminator 2'.
Someone even crudely photoshopped this image below to drive the point home even more...
Oh yeah, we're not gonna mention the awful Terminator 3 or Salvation movies...

CM Punk = Fight Club
Okay i'm not trying to say 'Fight Club' is straight edge or anything. Just that both the film & CM Punk are awesome but still underrated. 
A few other similarities between them, they both are gritty, cool and neither the S.E.S society nor Project Mayhem worked out quite as well as expected. 
I just like both of them okay. So that's about that with the comparison.

so that was entry 1, of 'Wrestling At The Movies'. Let me know what you think in the comments down below, or get at me on the Twitter. Entry number 2 will be coming up pretty soon so keep a look out for that, it'll be featuring movie comparisons for Vince McMahon, Kurt Angle and more. Thanks for reading.

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