Thursday, October 14, 2010

Forgotten Classics In Wrestling History #4

Featured Nugget - Forgotten Classics In Wrestling History Entry #4

The Rock meets The Hurricane.
Simple premise for this entry in the series. Two superstars meet, hilarity ensues. These segments don't need much of a write up, just sit back and enjoy...

part 1. The Rock meets the Hamburgular.

and part 2 (with added 'Coach' "Ka-Kow!")...

the final part of the greatest trilogy ever...

a main event in any arena in the world! Superhero vs. Superhero. Are you ready to to go One on One with the Great One & Toe to Toe with the Superhero?! You better be ready, here it is, The Rock vs. The Hurricane! "Ka-Kow!"

and since i miss the Rock so much, here's:

'Forgotten Classics In Wrestling History #5'
The Rock owns the n.W.o.
Most wrestling fans will remember WrestleManiaX8. It was Icon vs. icon as The Rock took on Hulk Hogan. Classic match that it was, surrounding the bout were some just as classic promos...
part 1 "Toot, toot!"

and part 2 "Big Daddy Bitch!" (this second segment takes a little while to get going, if wanna get straight to the good stuff, jump to about 6:10 of the video.)

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