Friday, October 15, 2010

Forgotten Classics In Wrestling History #6

Featured Nugget: Forgotten Classics In Wrestling History Entry 6
'Slam Jam'

the UK might have awful weather and you can't get $5 footlongs from Subway there but it struck it lucky with this entry. 
Before Simon Cowell was all about creating annoying popstars out of nobodies all over the world, he produced a musical masterpiece featuring true Superstars. 
Well maybe musical masterpiece is pushing it, but the WWF Superstars 'WrestleMania' album
is definitely in that so bad it's good category. Check out the album's biggest hits below...

Slam Jam:

i'm just sad that even though he's featured in the video, Papa Shango doesn't have a solo part.

Here's the follow up single 'WrestleMania' (but don't ask me why Hot Rod asks if you're "ready for the Survivor Series!" at the beginning)

The Big Boss Man's lyrics might be the most inspirational thing i've ever heard, well following Hacksaw Jim Duggan's words of wisdom of course! "Hacksaw Jim Duggan beats people up!"

I hope you've enjoyed listening to these wonderful tunes, you're welcome! :)

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