Friday, October 15, 2010

Superstars Swapsies! WWE & TNA Trades.

Featured Nugget: Superstar Swapsies! WWE & TNA Trades

what if to freshen up their rosters and create new and exciting feuds the WWE and TNA wrestling would work together and negotiate trades of their wrestlers. Using that idea here are the trades i would make and the reasons for them:

1)Bret Hart for Hulk Hogan. Legend for Legend. Bret made his peace with the WWE, and that's nice,
but what does he offer now? Hogan is more important in the WWE. Bring Hulkster home & let Bret
endorse the X-Division or something in TNA.

2)Next trade would be the Hart Dynasty for Kurt Angle. TNA is the place for tag teams, the Hart Dynasty could really shine. I’d bring Angle back to the WWE as the anonymous Raw GM. Give him a light schedule and only wrestle very occasionally.

3) I’d want Mick Foley back to the WWE as a commentator. In return i’d trade long time Raw commentator Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and Melina over to TNA for him.

4) This trade was gonna be Matt Hardy & Drew McIntyre for Jeff Hardy.But since Matt got his wish today and was released from the WWE, the trade is a straight swap: Drew McIntyre for Jeffrey Hardy.
Take it or leave it. Jeff is a bigger star in the WWE. TNA could have a future main eventer in Drew.

5) R-Truth traded for Brutus Magnus. TNA gets a former TNA/NWA champion back and WWE can make a star out of the charismatic Brit. WWE also gets rid of some awful entrance music! Bonus!

6) ‘The Icon’ Sting for John Morrison. Sure, Sting has way more name value but JoMo has many more years left. Bring Sting in for his first ever WWE run, as short as it may be, and let Morrison work on becoming a main eventer in TNA.

7) Big Show for Samoa Joe. The WWE has done all they possibly can with the Show, are they just keeping him around to star in ‘fart joke’ movies? Joe should be a superstar, he’s been misused too many times in TNA and the best way to get him out of the rut would be to trade him.

8) MVP traded for ‘The Pope’ D’Angelo Dinero. The Pope has a ton of potential and probably shouldn’t have been let go from the WWE to start with. MVP could be a star but has become stale.A fresh start would be great for him.

9) The ‘World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry for the ‘Blueprint’ Matt Morgan. Henry has done all he can in the WWE. Matt Morgan could be a huge star but isn't going anywhere with TNA. Give him another shot in the WWE, just without the stuttering.

10) Dolph Ziggler for Desmond Wolfe. Both of these could be superstars. Dolph has probably gone as far as he can with his current name & character, let him change his style up a little bit in TNA. If Wolfe can recover form his injuries he could have some great matches in WWE.

11) Ted DiBiase for Doug Williams. Both technically sound, Ted needs to work on his character but should have a bright future. The charismatic Doug Williams could join his fellow traded Brits and maybe 
join up with Regal to make an entertaining group. Williams is a great talker & could be valuable. Plus with this trade the WWE would also be getting rid of another horrible theme song!

12) 1 Legend for 3 up & comers. Ric Flair traded for Heath Slater, Michael Tarver & Darren Young. 
For the youngsters, their notoriety of being in the Nexus should make them a valuable and over group if they arrived together. I’d use Flair in a managerial role, maybe even SmackDown! GM,heck, i’d even through Teddy Long in with the trade.

13) Primo could be a sweetener for any of the trades. TNA should also hire his brother, Carlito, and reform their tag team. Good worker deserves to be used more, TNA could be the place.

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