Friday, November 19, 2010

Lizard's Licking Likelihoods - UFC 123 Predictions

Featured Nugget: Lizard's Licking Likelihoods - UFC 123 Predictions

She's back! The Psychic Lizard is back once again to predict the future of mixed martial arts by peering into her crystal ball and making her picks for this weekends UFC 123.
After being disappointed in Nate Marquardt at UFC 122 the Psychic Lizard expects to return to picking winners at UFC 123.
With a nice card of fights that Lizzy 'The Bearded Dragon' Steamboat is really looking forward to, she decided to not only take a shot at seeing the victor of the nights main event but also the fight between BJ Penn & Matt Hughes...
And let's first get to her prediction for the rubber match between Hughes and Penn...
The way the Psychic Lizard makes her predictions are the same as always: 2 pieces of food are selected to represent each fighter, the first piece of food the Lizard eats is the predicted winner.
For the first match up B.J. Penn is represented by a piece of grape and his opponent, Matt Hughes, is represented by way of an apple slice.
BJ Penn vs. Matt Hughes
After sizing up the options, the Liz made her choice...
With the grape eaten, the future is clear...much like the Wrestling Nuggets' Prediction League members, the Bearded Dragon expects Baby Jay to get back to winning ways...

However, in a sign that the fight could be a close match up, the Psychic one gobbled down the Matt Hughes apple slice soon afterwards...

Rampage Jackson vs. Lyoto Machida
And now it's time for the main event prediction! Former Light Heavyweight champions collide as star of the 'A-Team' Ramage Jackson takes on the only beaten once Lyoto Machida.
The food choices to represent these fighters are: 
Machida = a cricket (a play on his nickname of 'The Dragon')
Rampage = an apple (a play on Apple Jacks, Apple Jackson see, hahaha, okay it ain't that great)
The food choices made it was time for Liz to make her pick...
Lizzy Steamboat, quickly choose to eat the cricket and in doing so sided with her fellow Dragon, and picked Lyoto Machida as the winner.
So there we have it, expect BJ Penn and Lyoto Machida to be victorious at UFC 123. The Psychic Dragon has only picked the wrong fighter in a UFC match up incorrectly once before, by picking the winners 100% accurately this weekend Liz will be working towards redeeming her mystic abilities. Bet on it!
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