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Worst Themes Ever!

Featured Nugget: Best Themes Ever! Worst Themes Ever! - The Top 10 Most Horrible Entrance Themes In Wrestling History!

Okay, so i was gonna be back with the Top 10 'Best Themes Ever' but i decided to break it up a little and throw out some of my least favorite entrance themes ever instead. 
Go take a look, hope you enjoy, or not enjoy, they are meant to be bad...

10) 3 Count
I feel kinda bad putting this on the list cause, no lie, it's kinda catchy and the lyrics and brilliant. Definitely one of those so bad it's good tunes. Actually, now i've heard it again I may have to add this one into the 'Best Themes Ever' countdown as well!

9) Candice Michelle
I'm not the biggest fan of techno music anyway but bad techno music is just terrible. After that introduction, let's say hello to Candice's techno remix theme. Yeah this is bad:

8) Marcus Cor Von
Down at number 8 is a theme you might never have heard, because you probably didn't have chance to hear it. Marcus Cor Von aka TNA's Monty Brown was only in the WWE for a short while. I expected big things but it wasn't to be...his time in ECW was short and the most memorable thing from his time there may have been his awful entrance music:

7) TIE Hulk Hogan & Sting, Evad Dave Sullivan
When The Hulkster left the WWF and headed to Disney World & WCW, his buddy Jimmy Hart, tried to remake 'Real American' but failed horribly:

WCW didn't have the best reputation when it came to entrance themes in the first place. They had long struggled to make a song fitting of their own biggest star, he was a man called 'Sting', "as big as a bull & as fast as a cat". Apparently his past times include doing this and that, he was very helpful towards his friends and he could make old people act like a child. 
Actually what am i talking about, this song is awesome! You can feel that emotion from the singer in the chorus, they really want us to know what this man is called! Yeah!!!!

Taking Sting's place on the list is another Hulk involved musical masterpiece, Dave Sullivan's theme of choice, 'I Wanna Be A Hulkamaniac!" 
Remember peeps, have fun with your family and friends, which i guess includes flashing your junk at your daughter if you truly wanna embrace being a true Hulkamaniac.

6) R-Truth
Any one of his themes could be on the list, take your pick from:
'What's Up'

'Right Time (To Get Crunk)' 
One of the only lyrics i could decipher from this says "You can't handle the Truth...".Well, if that involves being able to handle The Truth's theme music as well i guess he's right, no i can't handle this 'ish!

'Gettin' Rowdy' (alright, alright i admit, this one rules!)

5) American Males
Without a doubt a classic, just not in a good way.

The fan favorite, hall of fame bound (or maybe not), Buff Bagwell, moved on from the American Males with a slight, and i really mean slight, improvement in theme songs but no better taste in hats.

4) Billy Gunn
With a nickname like Mr.Ass, you couldn't really expect things to get worse...but unfortunately for Billy Gunn his theme did just that...

Thank God he went on to get a better theme & nickname with 'The One'. Oh wait that wasn't much of an improvement either...nice to hear some good use of a sax-a-ma-phone though...

3) Ted DiBiase
If he's got so much money why can't he buy a better theme than this trash?!

2) X-Factor
hahahahahaha, it's mainly the terrible intro and chorus that kill this one, but you'd think that a group as cool as one containing X-Pac, Prince Albert & Aldo Montoya, Justin Credible would have some fittingly cool music to accompany it, right?

1) Rob Van Dam
RVD's TNA theme is horrible. A bad, bad rip off of his 'One Of A Kind' WWE theme, which itself was a rip off of his ECW theme, 'Walk' (by Pantera covered by Kilgore). 
The shouting out names of his moves during this a particular lowlight for me. The worst theme in wrestling, yeah i said it! Just horrible. Urgh!

So that was my rundown of the worst of the worst rundown, the top 10 list of the 'Best Themes Ever' will be coming soon, if you didn't see the best themes from number 25 down to 11 go check them out now: 'Best Themes Ever (25 -11)'
And check out below for some other entries people might of expected in this chart but no way was i adding them:

Just so you know, William 'Steven' Regal's 'Real Man's Man' was no where near making it onto this list, heck, it was close to being in the Top 25 'Best Themes Ever'! 

And hecky naw, if you think Zack Ryder, Rob Conway, Rico or Disco Inferno would be on this list, those tunes were awesome.
Zack Ryder's

Rob Conway - (this one always reminded me of the song from Toy Story, maybe not so much the arrogant lyrics but definitely the tune)

Rico (this was also the theme song of the beautiful Santina Marella's...)

Disco Inferno (come on now, "He's so cocky, he's so cool, he's just a disco dancing fool!" how can you not love this?! "Boogie-Oogie-Oogie!")

The Top 10 'Best Themes Ever' will be coming soon...

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