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Top 10 Best Themes Ever!

Featured Nugget: Top 10 Best Themes Ever! 
The best wrestler entrance theme songs of all the times!

The second and final part of the countdown to what i consider the best entrance themes in wrestling history. If you missed the first part of the countdown, numbers 25 - 11, click this link: 'Best Themes Ever! - Part 1'
and if you wanna take a goosey goosey gander at some of the worst themes ever mosey on over here, to the appropriately titled: 'Worst Themes Ever!'
Okay with the catch up out of the way, let's get down to business:

The Top 10 Best Entrance Themes In Wrestling...Ever!...
10) The Sandman
Oh yeah, blasphemy, i only put 'Enter Sandman' in at number 10. Whatever. Its my list and this is where it goes. If Sandman ever made it to a WrestleMania main event then undoubtedly his theme woulda been way higher, but the way things were, and even though i was a fan of ECW, Sandman only comes in at number 10. He should be proud though, his themed ranked higher than The Mountie's! Quite an achievement!
(Oh and for what its worth, i really like Brock Lesnar using this as his entrance theme in the UFC)
One reason i think this song as an entrance theme doesn't resonate with me quite as much as it does with others is cause it was already a huge song. As iconic as some of the Sandman's entrances might have been in the old bingo hall days of ECW, i still have other memories of this Metallica classic. Plus Mickey Rourke's Randy 'The Ram' Robinson character in 'The Wrestler' showed how easy it is to get a reaction when you use a famous song.
As did Bryan Danielson back in his 'Final Countdown'  independent days, although his opponent owns him with his entrance, 'Don't Stop Believing'!

9) Million Dollar Man
Ha Ha Ha Ha. Best Intro Ever?! Yeah i'd say so. So much better than Baby DiBiase's current theme, i wish he would start using his dad's theme.

8) Shawn Michaels
It's sung badly, whichever version you listen to, he really shoulda stopped using it after his comeback in 2002, but somehow this theme song still works. 
From the intro to the chorus all the way through to the ad libs, 'Sexy Boy' was great. 
Unbelievably catchy and sing-a-longy (i think i just made up a new word) even if you weren't a HBK fan this one got stuck in your head. Even Bret Hart's son can be seen singing along to it after his dad just got screwed out of the title at the 1997 Survivor Series!

7) John Cena
I know this entry will catch alot of flack, especially seeing as its ranked higher than 'Enter Sandman' but Cena'shaha
To a new generation of wrestling fans this could become as iconic as Hulk Hogan's 'Real American' was in 80's. Cena's is the one wrestler entrance my wife recognizes from sound alone. And as it's my wife's favorite it takes its place high up on the list. Gotta keep it sweet at home, people! :) 

And it's way better than 'Bad, Bad Man' (although the video rules!)

6) Ric Flair
Truly an iconic entrance, it doesn't even need the added "Whoo" at the start for extra recognition.

5) Macho Man Randy Savage
I loved the Macho Man and so his theme is high up in here. Oh yeah! Diggit! 

4) Ultimate Warrior
Say what you want about his wrestling skills, the Warrior's entrance theme is untouchable though. If this didn't get you pumped something was wrong with you! Very Black Sabbath like bass line, oh what a tune.
During that time the Warrior's entrance music was similar to a few other guitar heavy, rock tracks such as the Rockers awesome theme...

and also later the Hardy Boyz' theme.

3) Ricky Steamboat
His theme from WrestleMania 3 is amazing. And yes, he used it before Michael Jordan. Quality!
He had a good one in WCW too. No not the 'Family Man' tune...
This tune...

okay, okay, so after listening to 'Family Man' again i may have changed my mind...that song freaking rules!

2) Stone Cold Steve Austin
All you had to hear was that breaking glass and the arena would go ape sh!t. Legendary.

1) Hulk Hogan
How could it not be?! 'Real American'' is timeless. It transcends wrestling as shown by Kenny Powers. A brilliant piece of music, that might be one of the most iconic and recognizable tunes of all time in any sport. So 80's yet still so powerful! I don't they'll ever be a song that matches 'Real American' in terms of scope and appeal.
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) was a great theme also i can't hate on that.

So that was the list, epic wasn't it?! 
A quick look at the top 25 reads:
25) Rick Rude - 'The Stripper'
24) D-Lo Brown -  'Danger At The Door'
23) Gangrel - 'Blood'
22) Mick Foley/ Mankind - 'Wreck'
21) Honky Tonk Man - 'Cool, Cocky Bad'
20) Slick/Akeem - 'Jive Soul Bro'
19) Daniel Bryan - 'Ride Of The Valkyries'
18) Bret Hart/Hart Foundation - 'Hitman'/'Hart Beat'
17) n.W.o - 'Rockhouse'
16) D-Generation X - 'Break It Down'
15) The Rock - 'Know Your Role'
14) The Undertaker - 'Graveyard Symphony'
13) The Mountie/ The Quebecers - 'The Mountie' / 'We're Not The Mounties'
12) Dusty Rhodes - 'Common Man Boogie'
11) Demolition - 'Demolition'
10) Sandman - 'Enter Sandman'
9) Million Dollar Man - 'It's All About The Money'
8) Shawn Michaels - 'Sexy Boy'
7) John Cena - 'My Time Is Now'
6) Ric Flair - 'Dawn' from 'Also Sprach Zarathustra'
5) Macho Man Randy Savage - 'Pomp and Circumstance'
4) Ultimate Warrior - 'Unstable'
3) Ricky Steamboat - 'Sirius'
2) Stone Cold Steve Austin - 'I Won't Do What You Tell Me'
1) Hulk Hogan - 'Real American'

There is one way to improve any theme song...have Shatner sing it!

I've gotta give a shout out to another great site that recently had a similar rundown of wrestler entrances, go check out The Wrestling Blog to see which others they picked, although they were going for the overall package of the entrance rather than just the sound. Still a great read/listen/watch, its entertaining is what i'm tryna say, so get on over there!

And i know i threw in a bunch of extra tunes on this countdown but there are even more classic tunes that just didn't make the cut at all. Come to think of it, I probably should've done a top are a few of those just missing out on a place in the top 25:
Fabulous Rougeaus 'All American Boys' - Jacques already made it into the countdown with The Mountie's theme, he was very close to getting another entry with this beauty.

Mr. McMahon - 'No Chance In Hell' - Waaaaaay better than Shane O'Mac's 'Here Comes The Money' song

Mean Street Posse - 'Mean Streets' - I love it, so funky, makes me wanna break out the sweater vests!

Mr. Perfect - 'Perfection' and special shout out to 'I Hate Rap (Rap Is Crap)'

Brutus 'The Barber' Beefcake - 'Barber Theme' - This is the theme i'd imagine Jerry Seinfeld using if he were a wrestler!

Kurt Angle - 'Medal' - Even though he stole it from The Patriot and they both sounded somewhat similar to Virgil's theme, this song still gets me pumped, not quite pumped enough to be able to do anything with a broken neck though...

Vader - 'Mastadon' - If someone could could they please ask big Leon what time it is???

The Midnight Express - 'Chase' an instrumental beauty!

'Double J' Jeff Jarrett/ 'Road Dogg' Jesse James - 'With My Baby Tonight' so blatantly Road Dogg singing dunno if JJ's Milli Vanilli impression fooled anyone

New Age Outlaws - 'Oh, You Didn't Know?' - I don't care how much Billy Gunn sucks i used to mark out for this entrance!

Booker T - 'Rap Sheet' - Yeah it was the flame effects that really made this entrance really cool but i can still "Dig it, sucka!"

The Great Muta - 'WCW Theme' - He had a gong! You know how awesome gongs are? Just go ask Michael Cole!!!

DDP - 'Self High Five' It was a Nirvana rip off for sure but it still kinda ruled.

Fabulous Freebirds - 'Bad Street, USA' - Michael Hayes mullet rules. That is all.

Big Boss Man - 'Servin' Hard Time' - If you ever take a trip down to Cobb County, Georgia...

'Superfly' Jimmy Snuka - 'Superfly' - Supe, Supe Superfly! This makes me wanna dive off the top of a steel cage!

Goldust - 'Gold-Lust' - i was a fan of Dustin Rhodes 'The Natural' theme in WCW too, "he's a son of a son!" great story telling.

Chris Jericho - 'Break The Walls Down' - My favorite debut ever and a great theme to accompany it.

and finally...

3 Count - 'Dance With 3 Count'
What was i thinking adding this to the 'Worst Themes Ever!' list?! The more i listen the more i love it! What, you say you don't like it??? You are a liar! :)

That is it, all done and dusted. Thanks for checking it out, let us know what you think, what we left off, what the best lyrica are, whatever, down in them, there comments below or over on the Twitter.

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