Friday, November 5, 2010

Power Poll

Featured Nugget: Power Poll - Wrestlespective's Weekly Top 10 Ranking of Wrestlers 11/3/10

Is the World Heavyweight Champion still sitting pretty atop the power poll this week or will a new entry make a big splash on the chart?...
(check after the jump to see how Wrestling Nuggets voted this week, and no i didn't vote 'Linda' either! haha, see what i did there? Topical, nice!)
whoops, wrong gimmicks! :/

1) Kane (1) - 
The Devil's favorite Demon stays atop the poll of power, but the new number one contender for his World Heavyweight Championship, Edge, is gaining momentum. Will Kane still be champion after the Survivor Series? As long as there's no more matches with the Undertaker for a while i don't really care...

2) Edge (6) - Speaking of the new number one contender, here he is. Edge keeps his impressive run going with a win against Alberto Del Rio & Rey Mysterio in a triple threat match on Smackdown and makes a huge jump up the rankings.

3) Randy Orton (4) - he's still the WWE champion, he still hears voices and he still isn't 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, even if he has added holding up one finger during his poses now.

4) Daniel Bryan (3) - DB is on a roll! Capable of having good matches with just about anybody, pretty much guaranteed to have great matches against good opponents. Case proven after numerous terrific matches against Dolph Ziggler and even a decent one against Lil' Ted DiBiase.

5) Wade Barrett (2) - A big drop down the list for the Nexus kingpin. Wade does have another shot at the WWE title coming up, but seems to be having problems controlling that little rascal John Cena.

6) John Cena (5) - He still hasn't been given his Nexus gear yet, but he can escape the evil group at Survivor Series, just as long as Wade Barrett wins the world title. 

7) The Miz (7) - Actually made the segment featuring Pee Wee Herman on Raw watchable. Just awesome in promos, and improving in the ring. 

8) Matt Morgan (NR) - No longer part of Fortune or Immortal but it seems like Mr.Morgan has next shot at the TNA Championship. Plus he doesn't stutter anymore so thats always good.

9) Jeff Hardy (8) - TNA champ, hasn't seen much ring action since winning the title apart from botching chair shots and causing concussions to other wrestlers.

10) Alberto Del Rio (NR) - Interrupted the world champ,Kane but then lost to Edge.
So there we have it, the very latest 'Power Poll', thanks to Wrestlespective for putting it together as always.
It's again all WWE votes for Wrestling Nugget's ballot this week, TNA could use their Turning Point ppv to boost some of it's stars for next week though:
1) Edge - 

The Rated R PG Superstar is flying high at the moment. Since returning 'home' to Smackdown, Edge has won the 'Bragging Rights' trophy for the brand and now become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight title. Another championship run would be deserved. Although he did recently injure CM PUnk, that bastard! :(
2) Daniel Bryan - It doesn't matter what name he uses or what entrance theme he has this man can wrestle.
3) Randy Orton - I don't like Randy orton, he is still the WWE champeen though so that counts for something.

4) John Cena - Seems to be enjoying finding ways around his masters instructions as he continues to attack his Nexus comrades and cause grief for the Brit Barrett.

5) Wade Barrett - Hopefully he'll be more successful in his quest for WWE gold at the Survivor Series, he has his hand picked referee on hand to hopefully help him take the title then too.

6) The Miz - The Miz is as good as ever on the mic, got a lot of good offence in against the Giant, Big Show in a match up on RAw. Big props for making a skit with Pee Wee Herman somewhat enjoyable. Still got his Money In The Bank contract, i really can see him main eventing WrestleMania...

7) Kane - He's the World champ, he buried his brother, but he looked like a fool when the funeral he was staging got crashed by Alberto Del Rio and crew.

8) Rey Mysterio - Continues to have great matches with just about anyone. No lie, i think Rey is an all time top 5 in ring performer.

9) Alberto Del Rio - Has made his intentions over the world title clear, came up short in the number one contender's triple threat match but is still enjoying a lot of tv time.

10) Santino - Okay so Jeff Hardy should probably be ranked higher but i like Santino and he cut a great promo on Raw. Got another one over on Sheamus with the help of John Morrison, I don't expect Santino to climb any higher in the rankings or even be around on it much longer once Sheamus extracts his revenge. But i'll rank him while i can!

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