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Wrestling's Top Tweeters!

Featured Nugget: Wrestling's Top Tweeters!

Since i'm a big fan of wrestling and also of the social networking site, Twitter, i wanted to find a way to combine the two. How about a list of the best wrestlers on Twitter? Boom! Great idea!
So here we have a rundown of my favorite Tweeters that also happen to be wrestling personalities before naming the very first 'Wrestling Nugget's Champion of the Tweets'! (for which if i was to ever design a title you could bet that id would be better looking than TNA's new belt!!!)
Since there are a whole bunch of wrestlers, commentators, bookers, fans on the Twitter, i'm focussing the list on those that are working for or have worked for the WWE and TNA Wrestling, so, sorry to all the indie wrestlers out there who are pretty good with 140 characters or less.

Onto the list...
Wrestling's Top Tweeters! - The 25 Best Wrestling Related People On Twitter

25) The Dudebusters Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft - twitter name(s): @trentylocks & @CroftDaddyWWE - current followers (est.) 14,000/10,000
The Dudebusters are my favorite WWE tag team, hey i know there ain't many other options but these guys rule. And since the WWE tag team division doesn't offer much nowadays i'm gonna honor the Dudes with a place on the best tweeters list! Croft & Barreta usually fill their tweets with a  bunch of random stuff and thats okay, random is cool.

24) MVP - twitter name: @The305MVP - current followers (est.): 46,000
MVP is a bit of a twitter addict and has big time interaction with his followers. Replying loads and retweeting a bunch he's a good one to follow if you want your name mentioned by a celebrity. Has decent banter with other wrestlers too.

23) Chavo Guerrero - twitter name: @mexwarrior - current followers (est.): 49,000
Chavo Guerrero - So rumor has it that he has resorted to donning a feathered costume for his appearances on Smackdown. I'd kinda like to see a verified Twitter account for the Swagger Soaring Eagle as well. Chavo is an entertaining guy on twitter, cracking funnies and talking the talk. Makes me wish he cut more promos on tv.

22) Colt Cabana - twitter name: @DrColtCabana - current followers (est.): 14,000
Colt only had a fairly short run in the WWE, but his tweets make me wish he still had his little segment up on wwe.com. A really funny dude, Colt will rip other wrestlers and just crack funnies. Good times on Twitter!

21) Kofi Kingston - twitter name: @TrueKofi - current followers (est.): 81,000
Kofi doesn't tweet that often but when he does its usually pretty good. He responds to his followers and asks questions, which is cool. He talks about sports, music, TV & films and even better, cracks some funnies about other wrestlers too, in particular Hornswoggle.

20) Jeremy Borash - twitter name: @JeremyBorash - current followers (est.): 33,000
JB does a way better job at promoting TNA Wrestling than either his boss Dixie Carter or the founder Jeff Jarrett. Always posting updates, JB will have competitions, news and just jokes. Good representative for TNA right here.

19) Jimmy Korderas - twitter name: @jimmykorderas - current followers (est.): 3,600
Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas is pretty good at the old tweeting. He'll post a bunch of random, funny, thoughtful stuff as well as having banter with a bunch of the stars he used to work with. 

18) Tommy Dreamer - twitter name: @THETOMMYDREAMER - current followers (est.): 49,000
Tommy Dreamer in wrestling seems like a nice guy. Tommy Dreamer on Twitter seems exactly the same. He can post some really humorous stuff along with some gross stuff, its the risk you take when you follow the Hardcore Icon. Haha. Even better he replies a lot.

17) William Regal - twitter name: @RealKingRegal - current followers (est.): 27,000
Regal is a funny dude, and he's the king! (For a couple more weeks at least, he might have to change his Twitter name when the King Of The Ring Tournament returns!)

16) Mick Foley - twitter name: @realMickFoley - current followers (est.): 37,000 
If you've heard Foley cut a promo or read any of his books you'll know he can be a very smart,interesting and funny guy. While not as good as his awesome mic work, he still brings quality to his twitter. To be fair, i still think he's getting used to the technology! :)

15) TIE - John Cena - twitter name: @JohnCena - current followers (est.): 204,000 & 
Randy Orton - twitter name: @RandyOrton - current followers (est.): 124,000

So neither of these guys are my favorite wrestler but there's no denying their popularity. It's impressive how often the 2 biggest names in wrestling today reply to their followers. Especially as they respond to not only fans but also answer to some hate mail and criticisms that they get.
Sure some of time their tweets are generic, and its laughable how Cena tweets in character, but theres also alot of humor in there. Cena, especially shows a good sense of humor when dealing with his critics online.

14)  WWE Magazine - twitter name: @WWEMagazine - current followers (est.): 37,000
The WWE Magazine twitter account has a bunch of things going for it, its funny, it gives away stuff and it does twitter interviews with WWE Superstars. Good stuff from these guys. (The @WWEUniverse Twitter account is pretty good also)

13) Dolph Ziggler - twitter name: @RealZiggler - current followers (est.): 47,000
Dolph is a funny guy. Although he seems to tweet somewhat in character his tweets and the topics therein are usually far from PG.

12) Carlito - twitter name: @CarlitoColon - current followers (est.): 13,000
He might not be wrestling for either of the big companies at the moment but Carlito is still cool. He regularly answers people back and gives candid thoughts on both WWE & TNA shows. Carlito has some funny input on the state of the wrestling business and also more specifically his time involved with WWE.

11) Jack Swagger - twitter name: @RealJackSwagger - current followers (est.): 44,000
One of the most under-rated tweeters out there. Jack Swagger has jokes. I'ma big fan of the All American, American, American's updates. Only thing i'd like more is if he were to start Twit-Pic'ing himself and the Swagger Soaring Eagle during their day to day lives.

10) 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin - twitter name: @steveaustinBSR - current followers (est.): 107,000
Okay some of Stone Cold's tweets are pointless, but the regularity of his updates and the humor he brings with others makes up for his bad ones. Plus how cool is it that a bonafide superstar replies to his fans, that's pretty cool if you ask me.

9) Joey Styles - twitter name: @JoeyStyles - current followers (est.): 48,000
Just like he used to be great on commentary, Styles rules on twitter. His honesty is refreshing as he'll call out angles or matches he doesn't like. His tweets with his thoughts on the WWE TV shows are particularly good and usually very funny.

8) Paul Heyman - twitter name: @HeymanHustle - current followers (est.): 54,000

Paul Heyman's twitter is great for fans of wrestling and mma. A busy but not overbearing tweeter, Heyman's account posts links to news and interviews from his website to thoughts and pictures from his current business dealings. I'm not convinced it's always Heyman posting the stuff on his feed but that doesn't stop it from being one of the best and interesting wrestling related Twitter accounts that there is. A must follow for any fight fan.

7) The Miz - twitter name: @mikethemiz - current followers (est.): 106,000
I'ma huge fan of The Miz so of course he gets mentioned. Thing is The Miz deserves a place on the list because his tweets are...,yup, you guessed it...AWESOME! Very funny and cool stuff from Mr.Money In The Bank, especially good are when he goes in on other superstars.

6) Zack Ryder- twitter name: @ZackRyder - current followers (est.): 49,000
Sure he's a tool, but he's an entertaining tool. An under-appreciated gem in the world of wrestling tweets. Ryder usually brings the comedy, whether its stupid random stuff he's tweeting about himself or jokes he's making about other superstars, the Long Island Iced Z is definitely worth following. His tweets make you wish he had more opportunity to cut promos on WWE TV, a real entertaining guy.

5) Hurricane Helms - twitter name: @HurricaneHelms - current followers (est.): 70,000
One of the funniest wrestling superstars on Twitter, Helms is one of the busiest tweeters too. Big fan of mma, comics, movies and tv, Helms always has something to tweet about. He responds to tweets too, which is a bonus cause it's not everyday that you can get tweeted back from a superhero!

4) CM Punk- twitter name: @CMPunk - current followers (est.): 39,000
The Straight Edge Superstar is a savior of many a boring timeline. As funny with his comments on Twitter as he is on guest commentary, only problem with CM Punk is that he doesn't tweet enough.

3) Jim Ross - twitter name: @JRsBBQ - current followers (est.): 70,000
Good Old J.R. makes one helluva good tweeter! Who woulda thunk it? The legendary announcer answers alot of questions from his followers, links updates to his blog and talks about other goings on in the world of JR. Another nice thing about JR, is that he'll tweet about all aspects of wrestling, not only WWE but TNA and indies as well. Plus if you know him from his commentating days you know he's a smart and interesting guy, so get to following him! (Another legendary announcer whose on the Twitter is 'the Fink' well worth a follow also)

2) Chris Jericho - twitter name: @IAmJericho - current followers (est.): 173,000
Jericho was one of the first superstars on twitter, very funny and candid online. He tweets back at his followers and covers a wide variety of topics. If you aren't a fan of his band, Fozzy, though you may wanna quit following him while he's on tour. Jericho is also great at shooting down dirt sheet/internet rumors. He's definitely one of the best in the world at what he tweets.

1) Christian - twitter name: @Christian4Peeps - current followers (est.): 51,000
He's funny, he's cool, he interacts with his followers via his "Magic 8 Ball" and he's addicted to Twitter! What more could you ask for???
Captain Charisma is the Twitter's People's Champion (or should that be Peeple's Champion?) and the first ever Wrestling Nuggets Heavyweight Champion of Tweets.

So that was the best of the bunch, beware though Twitter is full of many other wrestlers here's a few to be mindful of:
Tweeters to steer clear of...or actually to laugh at...

Eric Bischoff - twitter name: @EBischoff - current followers (est.): 40,000
I don't hate the Bisch. Not at all, infact, i think he plays a great heel on TV. But wow is he full of it. Some of the stuff he posts online you have to hope he's joking. If he truly believes everything he says on twitter it amazing he's been given the opportunities he has...

Matt Hardy - twitter name: @MATTHARDYBRAND - current followers (est.): 148,000 too many
MATTHEW Hardy - twitter name: @THEMATTHEWBRAND - current follwers (est.): 6,500
The biggest Matt Hardy fan in the world is Matt Hardy. He thinks he is a superstar and can change the face of sports entertainment, sorry dude,your ship has sailed. Matt and his alter ego MATTHEW are almost embarrassing with the self fulfilling prophecies they predict.

Jeff Hardy - twitter name: @JEFFHARDYBRAND - current followers (est.): 144,000
The TNA champion has a problem with punctuation. If he isn't typing messages out in all caps, he's leaving no space between the words. This would be fine and dandy if the content of any of his tweets held anything of interest. Sadly they never do. At all.

Dixie Carter - twitter name: @TNADixie - current followers (est.): 71,000
Dixie Carter's tweets are just downright embarrassing. If she wants to see how a president of a sports (& entertainment) company uses Twitter to draw attention to and publicise their company she should start taking notes from the UFC's Dana White. Maybe she could get a few more of his 1,225,000+ followers while she's at it!

So those above are some lame accounts that you are best to just skip, down here are some i had high hopes for but have yet to entertain...
Disappointing tweeters, more lackluster than bad...

Santino Marella - twitter name: @milanmiracle - current follwers (est.): 31,000
Santino as an on screen character is a silly but often hilarious buffoon. Backstage he is apparently one of the funniest guys as well, so why is his twitter account so bring??? Not saying he needs to be tweeting as the Santino character all the time but some humor would be nice.

Hulk Hogan - twitter name: @HulkHogan4Real - current followers (est.): 39,000
It's a shame when fake accounts of a wrestlers are more entertaining than the real thing. This is most definitely the case when it comes to the Hulkster. Most of Hogan's tweets are directed at his kids or Bubba the Love Sponge, doesn't he have their cell phone numbers??? But even more disappointingly is the fact that i've yet to see him tweet about "Saying your prayers and taking your vitamins", he hardly ever uses "Brotha!" and most shocking of all he has never ended a message with "Whatcha gonna do?!". Disappointng!

Kurt Angle - twitter name: @anglefoods1 - current followers (est.): 11,000
Coming from one of the very best wrestlers and most entertaining characters if all time i was expecting great things from the Olympic Heroes tweets. Sadly none of them seem full of the "3 I's". I'd love to get some mroe interesting stuff tweeted from Angle, oh "it's true, it's damn true!" 

So now we've had, the good, the bad, the disappointing, now...
By far the weirdest tweeter...

Goldust - twitter name: @WWEGoldust - current followers (est.): 44,000
I haven;t got a clue what Goldust is on about in most of his tweets. Still he has his loyal followers #TeamGoldie who he talks to daily. One of the biggest Twitter addicts in the WWE, i just wish i had a clue! haha.

Everything above were the legit accounts of wrestling superstars, you can usually tell whose real by their account being 'verified, still there are a few fake account sworth following just cause they are hilarious, some of my favorites include...
Great Fakes...

The Ultimate Warrior - twittername: @warrreeeyorrr - current followers (est.): 300
The @warrreeeyorrr account may be onto it's second owner nowadays, but the Twitter Warrior v.2 i sstill one of the greatest motivational speakers in all of the galaxies. The face painted icon has hundereds of followers from planets all over that support the Twitter site, and if the real Ultimate Warrior is ever inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame i want the @warrreeeyorrr to write his acceptance speech!

Triple H - twitter name: @NotTripleH - current followers (est.): 88
Quite clearly not Triple H as seen by his twitter name, but this Greenwich snob is still hilarous when sharing his thoughts on other talent in the WWE and TNA.

a couple of other funnies are the @RealKamala@FakeGorilla (Gorilla Monsoon) accounts.

And if you need a few wrestling fans to follow while on Twitter you could do way worse than to add these...
Best of the Wrestling Twits:

Wrestling Nuggets - twitter name(s): @WrestlinNuggets & @IAmNotANugget_ - current followers (est.) 25/190
 Yup this very website has a twitter, 2 actually, so get to following and if you already are, thank you! :)

Jason Mann: twitter name: @wrestlespective - current followers (est.): 850
a great blog, a great podcast and one of the very best wrestling fan tweeters.

Kick Out Wrestling - twitter name: @kickoutblog - current followers (est.): 730
another mighty fine blog & podcast as well as being a good with the tweets.

Don Owens - twitter name(s): @DXDONMEGA & @FutureEndeavors - current followers (est.): 500/140
get to following both of these, big time wrestling fan Don Owen's own Twitter account and the one for the radio show he hosts.

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