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PPV Predictions: UFC 122

Featured Nugget: PPV Predictions: UFC 122

With a UFC ppv up coming, Wrestling Nuggets is back again with predictions for the main card match ups. Hopefully we'll all a little better this time around as so far only Steven Money has picked more winners than losers. We'll also get to see if Future Endeavors Radio host, Don Owens can maintain his 100% record...of guessing everything incorrectly.
Just before we get to the fight picks, the people in the prediction league are:
This very site, Wrestling Nuggets
Future Endeavors Radio host, Don Owens
Future Endeavors co-host & mma expert, Corey Santiago
& mma follower, Steven Money

UFC 122 Main Card Fights:...

Nate Marquardt vs. Yushin Okami (No.1 Contender Middleweight Title Fight)
Whoever wins this fight has been promised a middleweight title shot against the winner of the long delayed match up between Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort, scheduled for Feb 5th at UFC 126.
Both fighters look to add to their recent wins, Marquardt picking up a TKO win in September against Rousimar Palhares and Okami coming into this fight on the back of a 2 fight winning streak, most recently a split decision victory over Mark Munoz. 
Both fighters last losses were to common opponent and also Middleweight champion Anderson Silva's last challenger, Chael Sonnen.
Okami possibly had the edge on Nate in the ground game and due to the fact that he actually trained with Sonnen after their match up, he may have picked up some further techniques on how to successfully control Marquardt in the ground game, and grind out a victory.
Both fighters have good stand up, Nate has knockout power but that has mainly been showcased against people not known for their striking.
Marquardt has previously had a title shot against Anderson Silva which he lost by TKO in the very first round, he has improved since then, but with Silva's known attitude, would he consider a rematch against someone he's already beaten a challenge? 
On the other hand, Okami is the last person to get a victory against Anderson Silva, it was only a dq victory, but still you've gotta believe that Silva would like to get the win back to prove he can beat Okami.
Those match ups though are only in theory at the moment though, as Silva has to first face Vitor Belfort first in a hugely anticipated middleweight championship match.
I've gotta pick Okami in this one, not only do i want to see a rematch with Anderson Silva, but i just think he has the technique and more well rounded skills to pick up a decision victory. 
Plus Nate deserves to lose for agreeing to appear in MC Hammer's horrendous diss track video towards Jay-Z...

Wrestling Nuggets' pick: Yushin Okami
Steven Money's pick: Nate Marquardt
Corey Santiago's pick: Yushin Okami
Don Owen's pick: Yushin Okami

Jorge Rivera vs. Alessio Sakara
In a fight that could very possibly end with the winner picking up 'Knockout of The Night' honors, two hard hitting scrappers will go at it. Both fighters are on 3 fight winning streaks and both have explosive stand up. Sakara will have the support of his fellow Europeans and may have the more varied striking. This one should be a war.
WN's pick: Jorge 'El Conquistador' Rivera
SM's pick: Alessio Sakara
CS's pick: Alessio Sakara
DO's pick: Jorge Rivera

Dennis Siver vs. Andre Winner
Germany's own Dennis Siver goes up against former Ultimate Fighter cast member, Andre Winner. I like Andre, i think he's got a lot of potential and he's from a place not far from my own hometown but Siver's home field advantage could be too much to overcome. The crowd should be red hot for this one, Germany and England have a huge rivalry when it comes to sports, and the action shouldn't disappoint. Both great strikers, Winner is a great boxer while Siver has a more dynamic range of strikes. A potential 'fight of the night' or an explosive ko finish, this one could have fireworks. I expect the German's experience should be enough to see him pick up the win and make the local fans very happy. 
WN's pick: Dennis Siver
SM's pick: Dennis Siver
CS's pick: Dennis Siver
DO's pick: Andre Winner

Amir Sadollah vs. Peter Sobotta
Ultimate Fighter 7 winner Amir Sadollah fights German Peter Sobotta in a fight Sadollah really needs to win. The likable Amir needs to get back to winning ways and really start gaining some momentum on his career which has been hit and miss since winning the reality show (Since the show he has a 2-2 record and is coming off a loss). If Sobotta picked up the win here i would consider it a big upset.
WN's pick: Amir Sadollah
SM's pick: Amir Sadollah
CS's pick: Amir Sadollah
Do's pick: Peter Sobotta

Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Goran Reljic
A clash between 2 Europeans both coming off losses. Goran Reljic is trying to stop a run of back to back losses, while 'The Polish Experiment' is returning to the Octagon after his wars with Stephen Bonnar. This fight is the return to Light Heavyweight for Reljic but i think Krzysztof will a good enough game plan, technique and his awesome nickname to see him pick up the win. Hopefully both fighters will want to put on an entertaining fight and not let less one be a boring hugfest. 
WN's pick: Krzysztof Soszynski
SM's pick: Krzysztof Soszynski
CS's pick: Krzysztof Soszynski
DO's pick: Goran Reljic

so those are the main card picks, the prediction scoreboard currently looks like this:

prediction scoreboard:
1)  Steven Money: (3,2)

2)  Wrestling Nuggets: (2,3)

3)  Corey Santiago: (1,4)
4)  Don Owens: (0,5)

with Steven Money out in front, hopefully Wrestling Nuggets will gain some ground this time around.

Also this week is the WEC 52 card which will see Urijah Faber's debut at Bantamweight. 

If you've never seen a WEC event before this'll be your second to last chance to catch one and get introduced to some of the fighters before they merge into the UFC next year. 
The WEC card's featuring all lighter weight class fights always have exciting match ups, with explosive striking and submissions, and its FREE! There's really no reason to miss it. 
The main event of WEC 52 is Urijah Faber vs. Takeya Mizugaki and it's on Versus channel at 9pm this Thursday November 11th.

Also coming returning soon to Wrestling Nuggets will be the might psychic Lizard's predictions as she tells us who will be the victor out of Nate 'The Grape' Marquardt and Yushin 'Zucchini'. If you haven't seen Lizzy 'The Bearded Dragon' Steamboat's predictions before check them out here.

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