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Face Paint Rules! Top 10 Face Painted Wrestlers

Featured Nugget: Face Paint Rules! Top 10 Face Painted Wrestlers

just in time for Halloween here's a list of the top 10 face painted wrestlers, not ranked by how good the actual wrestler was just by how awesome i considered their paint work. So get ready to raid your girlfriend/wife/sister/mom/grandma's make up bag, here we go...

10) Jeff Hardy
One of only a few wrestlers who still use facepaint, but come to think of it, since his heel turn i think he's quit wearing it. Oh well. 
Jeff only comes in at number 10 on the list as he doesn't really have a style or pattern that he sticks to with his paint designs, just a random splashing of paint. But the fact he uses any gets him onto the chart.

9) The Great Muta
The Great Muta has a great look, no doubt about it. But as its face paint combined with a mask he only comes in at number 9. One of the creepiest looks on here.

8) Doink
Number 8 is Doink the clown. Why? Cause clowns are creepy. Even creepier are little tiny clowns like Dink.

7) Hakushi
Hakushi gets on the list cause of his unique full body tattoo look. I have no idea what all the writing says but he looked cool if you ask me.

6) Goldust
He's been around since before the Attitude era and he's still going strong. Having somewhat of a career resurgence. Goldust has tried many different paint designs with the different gimmicks he's had like 'The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust', Black Reign in TNA & the Uncle Fester lookalike 'Seven' in WCW. 
The classic gold and black get up is what it's really all about.

5) Papa Shango
Top 5 time. No matter how goofy the gimmick this guys make up ruled. I'm kinda scared to say anything bad about him incase he makes black slime ooze out of my head. Honorable mention goes to The Boogeyman, who also had the intricate facepaint and props but i liked Papa's accessories more, come on, a cane that bellowed smoke is better than an alarm clock and a bag of worms!

4) Kamala
In at number 4 is the 'Ugandan Giant' Kamala. The most awesome thing about Kamala is not only does he paint the face but he also has a moon and stars on his belly. Amazing!

3) Sting
'The Icon' Sting has had not one but two awesome styles. The original blond haired and bright paint Surfer Sting was perfect for the early 90's and made Sting a household name, his transformation to the dark and brooding 'Crow' like Sting of the late 90's also worked perfectly and made Sting an even bigger star. 
Any of his face paint designs are winners...except the Red Wolfpac look, that one just looks embarrassing.

2) Legion Of Doom/ Road Warriors
The Road Warriors were great. Cool face paint, huge muscles, spikes and crazy hair. It was all bad ass, well apart from that puppet Rocco but let's not mention that. They were also huge influences on other tag teams of the 80's like awesome (but very S&M looking) 'Demolition' (Ax, Smash & Crush)
where Demolition lost some cool points were in the gimp masks they would sometimes wear.
Spiked shoulder pads are way cooler than gimp masks, heck, ventriloquist dummies are cooler than gimp masks!

So yeah, L.O.D. influenced greatness like Demolition...
and the not so great, like  'Powers Of Pain' (Warlord & the Barbarian) (Gotta give The Warlord credit for his two tone mohawk though)
Demolition's 'Crush' would later go on to a solo career where he wore face paint but it was no where near as cool.
Nor was it as cool when foot loving Heidenreich was added as a new tag partner for Animal after Hawk's death.

1) Ultimate Warrior
The number one, most iconic face paint ever worn by a wrestler has to the Ultimate Warrior's. When i was a kid i loved this guy. Even if he sucked as a wrestler and is an a$$hole behind the scenes, for a couple of years he had it all. The entrance music, the running, the muscles, the tassels, the ridonkulously big hair, the crazy ass promos and the face paint it all ruled. Especially cool was his WrestleMania 6 make up, where he not only had his usual Warrior bat symbol on his face but also across his chest! The added paint job must have been what gave him that little bit extra which allowed him to defeat the Hulkster and win his one and only World Heavyweight Title.
With the Warrior being so iconic of course he inspired a bunch of knock offs. Most famously is probably WCW's Ultimate Rip Off, the late but not so great 'Renegade'.
don't be fooled by cheap imitations! 
The Ultimate Warrior is the truly the Ultimate Face Painted Wrestler.

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