Friday, November 12, 2010

Shoulda Been A Superstar...

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 "No one man should have all this power..."

One man i think would work amazingly well as a character in the crazy world of wrestling is musical genius (yeah i said it) and professional a$$hole, rapper, Mr Kanye West.
There's a bunch of reasons why i think Yeezy would do well in the WWE or TNA, he has a bunch of qualities that could be transferred to professional wrestling but mainly i think he could work out good cause he's my favorite and i think he's awesome. Haha.

Already super famous, Kanye has crossed over from being a rap artist to all gaining all kinds of mainstream attention on TV, magazines and news & gossip websites worldwide. 
It's arguable that his exploits are more famous and newsworthy than his music, Kanye definitely knows how to get his name out there and have people talking about him. Living by the rules, "no publicity is bad publicity" Mr.West is one of the worlds best self publicists and knowing the way WWE craves any kind of mainstream attention, having a guy like Kanye in the company might just be Vince's favorite thing ever!
Kanye's loud and brash style would translate well to a wrestling arena. Like the Rock when he was a cool and cocky heel, Kanye has so much confidence and charisma fans would have to love him or hate him, but they couldn't ignore him.
The creativity Kanye has shown with in music, videos and live performances would fit in perfectly with the theatrical style entrances wrestlers have, with their themes, videos and pyros. If his live shows are anything to go by, The Undertaker could have a run for his money when it comes to making the most spectacular and memorable entrances during big events...

Kanye's creatively would also work well in regards to his ring attire. He'd always be sporting some bright or at least eye catching ensembles and his wrestling boots would be some of the coolest of all time! Come on, what other Superstar has ever had his own line of Nike sneakers and Louis Vuitton shoes???!!!

Although, Kanye is a lot shorter than most wrestlers. His larger than life personality and attitude would make up for the lack of height and convey him as a bigger personality. 
And even though Kanye may not be famed for his athletic ability, he has shown how energetic he can be during his performances, along with how similar he can dance to Carlton Banks!
Take a look at him, he is so passionate and committed to his performances, he tires himself out and needs to take little lie downs during his show. Very similar to how Randy Orton likes to frequently execute rest holds i'd say!
Kanye has got at least one video where he shows he has a competitive side... :) (Oh and in his 'Runaway' short film, he runs alot!!!)
Heck, if you don't think the 'Kanye Puppet' from his 'Champion' music video is enough to prove Kanye as a true athlete, then he could possibly just use the puppet as a guide like the Legion Of Doom used to have with 'Rocco'...
Kanye learnt from Jay-Z's live concerts how to command an audience, a trait very important to the biggest wrestling superstars. He also picked up another trick from the Jigga Man, a hand signal, that is already familiar to some wrestling fans.
An exciting thing, Ye would bring to wrestling shows would be be: no other superstar would be safe. You'd always have to watch your back for a Kanye interruption! Not just with run ins during matches, but also backstage interviews and even Hall of Fame induction ceremonies!!!
'Ye would also have some crazy valets to go along with his no doubt amazing entrances. Kanye wouldn't settle for just a standard WWE Diva or TNA Knockout to accompany him to ringside. Instead he'd have his own nude models completely covered in gold paint, or dressed as birds to escort him. Or he might just form his own stable and be flanked by his own crew, dressed as only they do!

Another thing Kanye could bring across form his rap career would be, to take a page out of Jack Swagger's book, and have his own personal mascot. Not the Swagger Soaring Eagle but the Kanye College Dropout Bear from the cover of his first few albums.

One other thing to mention is that it'd be a safe bet to say that Kanye's jewelery designs would make for better looking titles than the current WWE Championship and, most definitely, Jeff Hardy's new TNA 'Immortals' one...

Writing this makes me realise there's another famous rapper who would transition well into the wrestling world, someone Kanye has had run ins with in the past...
Hmmm, guess i've got the star of the next 'Shoulda Been A Superstar' entry...

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