Friday, October 29, 2010

Wrestling Nuggets Proudly Presents: The Hall Of Fame Menu

Wrestling Nuggets Proudly Presents: The Hall Of Fame Menu

Very first inductee:

He might not have been a nugget himself but he's the very first inductee in the Wrestling Nuggets 'Hall Of Fame'...
Owen Hart

Face Paint Rules! Top 10 Face Painted Wrestlers

Featured Nugget: Face Paint Rules! Top 10 Face Painted Wrestlers

just in time for Halloween here's a list of the top 10 face painted wrestlers, not ranked by how good the actual wrestler was just by how awesome i considered their paint work. So get ready to raid your girlfriend/wife/sister/mom/grandma's make up bag, here we go...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who Is The Anonymous Raw GM???

Featured Nugget: Who Is The Anonymous Raw GM???

Inspired by some of the search keywords that have led traffic to the Wrestling Nuggets blog i'm gonna write a little something, throwing out a few possible identities of the mysterious General Manager of Monday Night Raw.
Not much is known for certain about the individual running the show, other than the fact that he or she is a fast typer and that Michael Cole has probably e-mailed indecent photos of himself back to them, or maybe not, he's probably saving all those pics for the Miz.
As a tease to the audience the general manager has ended e-mails with former superstars catchphrases, Stone Cold's "And that's the bottome line..." has been used as has D-Generation X's "if you're not down with that, i've got 2 words for ya..." While this in no way guarantees the identify be that of Steve Austin or a member of DX i kinda wish they teased lines like that every week using different superstars famous lines. "Oh Yeah!" "Whatcha Gonna Do!"
One thing said by the GM which very possibly may be of no significance and never heard about again, was the GM mentioned in an e-mail that "they never liked Bret Hart". Even though this could quite easily turn out to be a red herring i used it as part of the criteria for some of the potential people on my shortlist.
Another aspect of the anonymous GM is a heel like nature and not pandering to the babyfaces. I think if the WWE had wanted to unveil the GM as some huge returning babyface one day then they would have curbed the annoying e-mail alert sound and distracting flickering of the lights. 
These antics might suggest that whoever is the GM, doesn't care about being well liked. This heelish side also fits in with the way that the GM has favored The Nexus somewhat in decisions and stipulations over the last few months, maybe the GM is also the mastermind behind the Nexus, and when they are unveiled so to will "the bigger picture" Wade Barrett once mentioned was the Nexus' goal.
The biggest opponents of the anonymous GM, so far, have been: Chris Jericho & Edge. Is that a coincidence or is there a unmentioned history with these superstars and the GM. 
I may be giving the WWE too much credit by thinking the whole angle of mysterious general manager has been thought out and having clues to the GM's identity being dropped along the way. Then again, it could just all be meaningless and WWE might not have even decided on who they want to play the role yet.
One thing i like about the whole storyline is that if or when the WWE do reveal the person behind all these e-mails they haven't restricted themselves to using someone who has been under contract the whole time. 
The anonymity could be used if they resign former talent or even bring in someone new and just say it was them all along.
Okay lets get onto the list:
Who Is The Anonymous Raw GM???

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MMA Pound For Pound Rankings

Featured Nugget: MMA Pound For Pound Rankings October/November 2010

Does new UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez make it into the top 10 pound for pound fighters in the world following his destruction of Brock Lesnar?...
Top 10 MMA P4P Rankings:

Shoulda Been A Superstar...

Featured Nugget: Shoulda Been A Superstar #2

Ari Gold
There's no two ways about it, Ari Gold, the slick talking super agent from HBO's Entourage would make a great character in professional wrestling. 

I gotta warn you if you keep reading this post it does contain some videos that feature Ari Gold's signature profanity and vulgarity, if you've got little 'uns around might be a good time to 'earmuff' them.

Power Poll

Featured Nugget: Wrestlespective's Power Poll (10/27/10)

Check out this weeks top 10 ranking of wrestlers thanks to and down bottom, check out my ballot for this weeks voting along with my take on the top 10 pound for pound fighters in MMA at the moment.

This weeks 'Power Poll':

10) Big Show (2) a big fall for the giant, if you didn;t catch his movies 'Knucklehead' in theaters don't worry it'll be hitting dvd stores real soon. Spoiler Alert: It sucks. 

9) Dolph Ziggler (NR) A new entry on the list. He has his great matches with Daniel Bryan to thank for that and not his lovely lady friend Vickie Guerrero.

8) Jeff Hardy (8) He's still on the list even though he hasn't done anything since becoming TNA champion. Aw well.

7) The Miz (5) Team Raw didn't win at Bragging Rights but he's still the Miz and therefore still AWESOME!

6) Edge (4) He drops down but i don't know why, won the Bragging Rights trophy for Smackdown and is on a big time roll since returning to the blue brand.

Best. Survivor Series. Ever!

Featured Nugget: Best. Survivor Series. Ever! - Dream Matches

With WWE's Survivor Series 2010 just a few weeks away and the main event already announced for the event, it got me thinking about what else might end up on the card...
A potential Survivor Series 2010 card may look like:
WWE Championship Match: 
Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett with John Cena as Special Referee

World Championship Match: 
Kane vs. Edge

United States Championship Match: 
Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Matches:
The Nexus (David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty) vs. Team WWE (???)

Team Miz (The Miz, Alex Riley, Ezekial Jackson, Alberto Del Rio...) vs. Team Mysterio (Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, John Morrison...)

Team Sheamus (Sheamus...) vs. Team Big Show (Big Show, Santino...)

These possible match ups got me thinking about dream matches that could be made, using any WWF/WWE superstars since the Survivor Series began. I limited myself to picking only wrestlers who have worked in the WWF/WWE and tried to limit each wrestler to 1 match each (apart from with the ultimate 'Good Guys' vs. Bad Guys' at the end. I've tried to give each team a name as well, like they used to have in the good old days but unfortunately my team names aren't as cool as the classics.
That's enough talk about that, here's my matches:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bitesize Nuggets: Quick links.

Bitesize Nuggets: Quick Links

Ariel Helwani talks UFC 121 & of course the Brock Lesnar-Undertaker incident (

The 10 best 'ish talkers in wrestling history (The Smoking Section)

Shane Carwin injured out of UFC 125 match against Roy Nelson (MMA Junkie)

Wrestlespective Podcast

Featured Nugget - Wrestlespective Radio Podcast

Go on over to right now to hear their latest podcast covering all the news and other fun stuff from the world of wrestling and mixed martial arts.

Random Wrestler Of The Day

Featured Nugget - Random Wrestler Of The Day #1

Here we go with another new feature on Wrestling Nuggets: 'Random Wrestler Of The Day'! This feature is pretty much just what the title says, a look at a random wrestler that i think is deserving of being profiled.
The very first wrestler to be featured is one of my favorite ECW originals and a popular former WWF/WWE superstar: 'The Japanese Buzz Saw' Yoshihiro Tajiri.

Monday, October 25, 2010

What's Next For Brock???

Nugget Commentary - What's Next For Brock???
At UFC 121 Brock Lesnar lost his UFC heavyweight championship to Cain Velasquez. Brock not only lost but was completely outclassed and battered by his opponent on way to a TKO defeat in the very 1st round. There's already been alot of talk about the fight and what the loss means for Brock's future. What he will do and what he should do?...

Future Endeavors Radio Show

Featured Nugget - Future Endeavors Wrestling & MMA Radio

here's the latest episode of Future Endeavors radio. A wrestling and mma talk show featuring all the news and rumors coming from the weekends action including Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 & WWE Bragging Rights.

Listen to internet radio with FUTURE ENDEAVORS on Blog Talk Radio

Lizard's Licking Likelihoods - Fight Results

Featured Nugget - Lizard's Licking Likelihoods - Fight Results

so the weekend is over and all the pay per view event results are in...
After guessing completely accurately for the UFC event, the physic lizard was feeling super cocky heading into WWE Bragging Rights. Thankfully, she came up short with her prediction of Team Raw winning as she would have been unbearable had she been 100% correct with all her picks.
Lizzy feeling pretty confident and braggadocious after Cain Velasquez's win...

The Bearded Dragon will be back with her picks in November. Trying to keep her 100% record for predicting UFC winners with the events: UFC 122 Nate Marquardt vs. Jushin Okami & UFC 123 'Rampage' Jackson vs. Lyoto Machida
As well as trying to guess her first wrestling winner at the WWE Survivor Series. 
(I may also see if she's interested in guessing at the WEC card featuring Urijah Faber vs. Takeya Mizugaki and any event TNA may promote, although i can't promise she'll be interested in them...)

previously... Lizard's Licking Likelihoods - Bragging Rights Prediction, Lizard's Licking Likelihoods - UFC 121 Prediction

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Best Of... #badwrestlingnames

Featured Nugget - The Best Of...#badwrestlingnames

Oh, that old Twitter website. What a wonderful time waster it can turn out to be, especially with its, mostly, pointless Trending Topics. Usually the TT's are full of stupid and embarrassing things but every once in a while someone makes up a hashtag that can only be described as genius. 
The latest Twitter trend to tickle me was #badwrestlingnames. 
I tried to come up with a few of my own:
Andre The Average Height Guy,  'Sexual Infection' Mark Henry,  HBK The Heart Burn Kid  and   
Buff Bags-Groceries-Well...
but i just couldn't match the quality coming from other Tweeters around the world. 
So, here are my top 10 (or however many i wanna add) favorite #badwrestlingnames...

PPV Results: UFC 121 Lesnar vs. Velasquez

Featured Nugget: PPV Predictions Results- UFC 121
With the huge UFC heavyweight title match up fast approaching this weekend, another battle will also be going down...UFC 121 will mark the beginning of WrestlingNuggets' newest feature, the fight prediction league.
Simply put, myself and a few other mma fans will make our picks, they'll all be recorded here and we'll compete to see who guesses the most right after each event. (for more indepth predictions check out my earlier post here)
The participants of the league include:
Don Owens, the host of 'Future Endeavors' podcast show & huge fight fan. Follow him on Twitter @DXDONMEGA 
Steven Money, long time MMA fan and opinionated Tweeter (@stevenamoney)
myself (@IAmNotANugget_), creator of the WrestlingNuggets blog
and also Corey Santiago, 'Future Endeavors' mma expert (@CoreySantiago)

Now that the introductions are out of the way, lets get onto the predictions. (Only the main card fights are included.)...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shoulda Been A Superstar...

Featured Nugget: Shoulda Been A Superstar #1

Ever seen someone in another profession and thought they'd make a great wrestler?...
No, okay, well thats fine 'cause i have.
There are a bunch of celebrities, in many different fields (sports, acting, music) that possess some of the necessary qualities needed to be successful in wrestling. Whether that persons strengths lie in their personality or energy, i've picked out some that i think have what it takes to fit in with the characters and antics of professional wrestling.
So here goes with the first installment of a new feature for this blog, 'Shoulda Been A Superstar' (oh and i know some of these guys are already Superstars in their own right, but i'm using the term in the way Vince McMahon intended a wrestling, whoops i mean, 'Sports Entertainment Superstar!')

The first person i say could've made a huge impact in the world of wrestling is...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lizard's Licking Likelihoods - Fight Predictions

Featured Nugget - PPV Predictions & Results - Bragging Rights & UFC 121 Lesnar vs. Velasquez

so today i was all set to get yet another glimpse into the future by having my pet Bearded Dragon predict the winner of an upcoming match up.
But when i told her, i wanted her to pick the winner of the Undertaker vs. Kane World Heavyweight Title Buried Alive match she lost all interest. Obviously, she's sick of the never ending feud between the 'Brothers of Destruction' and couldn't care less about who wins at 'Bragging Rights' this Sunday. Not even the temptation of live crickets or a frozen mouse would have her decide.
So instead of Lizzy Steamboat's amazing predictions i'm gonna go ahead and post my own thoughts on whats gonna go down in what is a busy weekend of fighting...

Power Poll

Featured Nugget: Power Poll

Thanks to Wrestlespective here is the latest 'Power Poll' (No. 20, 10/20/10)  (now with WrestlingNuggets as a voter!)...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Heroes!

Featured Nugget: Halloween Heroes - Great Wrestling Costume Ideas

With Halloween right around the corner what better reason can you have to dress up all awesome and go out acting the fool?! Being the big wrestling fan i am, most of my costume ideas seem to revolve around my favorite wrestlers.
At Halloween costume parties around the world you might see multiple Hulk Hogans, Ultimate Warriors, Stings & Undertakers running wild, as classic as these characters are, they've been done too many times, i wanna see more effort when choosing which wrestler to go dressed as. 
(I'm not gonna deny the brilliance of these costumes, its just that they've been done so many to you if you actually do go out rocking some yellow Speedos though!)

 While there are multiple other wrestling superstars whose characters are even more fitting of Halloween,such as The Boogeyman, Papa Shango, Kamala and even Doink the Clown, they haven't made the list either...
some more Halloweeny characters...

 (Okay, if you go as Doink AND have 3 midgets dressed as Dink, Wink & Pink then you are awesome and your costume rules!) 

Top 10 Wrestlers You Should Dress Up As For Halloween:

Lizard's Licking Likelihoods - Fight Predictions

Featured Nuggets: PPV Predictions - Bragging Rights - Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown

Since both teams are now set for WWE Bragging Rights, i got down to the important part of finding out which team will be victorious this weekend. I called upon the psychic lizard, Lizzy 'The Bearded Dragon' Steamboat, once again to make her prediction...

Monday, October 18, 2010

'Future Endeavors' Latest Episode

Featured Nugget: 'Future Endeavors Podcast - Bragging Rights & UFC 121 Pre Show'

be sure to check out the latest episode of the Future Endeavors podcast featuring chatter about the world of wrestling and mixed martial arts by a bunch of cool folks and friends of WrestlingNuggets, Twitter's very own: @DXDONMEGA @CoreySantiago @FatManAfterDark @The1Wrestler

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Bitesize Nuggets: Quick links.

Bitesize Nuggets - Quick Links:

Are more Fedor to UFC rumors about to start up again??? (MMA Junkie)

Win Mick Foley's new book 'Countdown To Lockdown' (wrestlespective)

WWE 'Tough Enough' to comeback? (No DQ)

New 'Future Endeavors' podcast (Future Endeavors)

'Countdown To UFC 121' tv special begins tonight (MMA Junkie)

Lizard's Licking Likelihoods - Fight Predictions

Featured Nugget: Lizard's Licking Likelihoods - Fight Predictions UFC 121 'Lesnar vs. Velasquez'

This weekend, October 23rd, the UFC presents one of the biggest match ups in its history, when UFC heavyweight champion and former WWE superstar Brock Lesnar defends his title against undefeated, number one contender Cain Velasquez.
Picking a winner of this one is tough...both are incredible fighters with scary power and speed. But i think i've found a foolproof way to find out who is gonna be walking out of UFC 121 as the heavyweight champion of the world...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Superstars Swapsies! WWE & TNA Trades.

Featured Nugget: Superstar Swapsies! WWE & TNA Trades

what if to freshen up their rosters and create new and exciting feuds the WWE and TNA wrestling would work together and negotiate trades of their wrestlers. Using that idea here are the trades i would make and the reasons for them:

Forgotten Classics In Wrestling History #6

Featured Nugget: Forgotten Classics In Wrestling History Entry 6
'Slam Jam'

the UK might have awful weather and you can't get $5 footlongs from Subway there but it struck it lucky with this entry. 
Before Simon Cowell was all about creating annoying popstars out of nobodies all over the world, he produced a musical masterpiece featuring true Superstars. 
Well maybe musical masterpiece is pushing it, but the WWF Superstars 'WrestleMania' album
is definitely in that so bad it's good category. Check out the album's biggest hits below...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Forgotten Classics In Wrestling History #4

Featured Nugget - Forgotten Classics In Wrestling History Entry #4

The Rock meets The Hurricane.
Simple premise for this entry in the series. Two superstars meet, hilarity ensues. These segments don't need much of a write up, just sit back and enjoy...

Wrestling At The Movies!

Featured Nugget - Wrestling At The Movies Entry #1
comparisons between wrestlers and feature films...

Mick Foley = Rocky
This one is obvious, along with being referenced on Raw and other shows, Foley himself even celebrated one of his title wins by yelling "Yo Adrian, i did it!"...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Future of Wrestling...Part 1

Nugget Commentary: The Future Of Wrestling - Tomorrows Superstars Today! Part 1

If you read certain websites and blogs you'll think that the WWE is days away from going out of business, tv ratings are down, buy rates are in the toilet and the product sucks. Well that's what some people think and that's what some people will always think. The truth is UFC ppv numbers are bigger, but WWE tv ratings crush UFCs. WWE gets tv money merchandise, live shows and huge international tours. On the other hand, some wrestling companies should worry, not only about MMA stealing their potential income but about a lack of profits all together. In particular, TNA should worry more. TNA needs to sort itself out and figure a new business model, maybe it should get away from so many ppv's and try to get more tv money for monthly specials instead. Also it could run more events in the UK and Australia, areas where its popular, can attract a big crowds and sell alot of merchandise, plus air those shows for free to the USA. A move to Wednesday or Tuesday may also be better for it's TV ratings. One other thing people always talk about are a promotions top talent.
The current top level superstars may seem stale to fans, but the WWE is trying to produce new contenders and superstars and sure, its been better with some than others, but alot of potential is there.
This post is meant to highlight the cream of the crop of the the up and coming talent i think there is in WWE & TNA. And just for the heck of it i'll even talk about a few of my favorites MMA fighters. First up, Part 1 the WWE...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WrestleMania 27...

Featured Nugget: WrestleMania 27 Match Maker

Yeah it's still 6 months away and i know alot in wrestling can happen in that time, but just for the hell of it i'm gonna do a bit of predicting and guess at a few matches that may happen at the biggest wrestling event of the year, WrestleMania 27...

Raw Report - 10/11/10

Nugget Commentary - WWE Raw Report, Review, Wrap Up, Response...Whatever You Wanna Call It...

Monday, October 11, 2010

WWE DVD Wish List...

Nugget Feature: DVDs That I Wish The WWE Would Produce

Like a lot of WWE fans i recently bought the dvd set on Chris Jericho, Breaking The Code, as always the WWE produced a highly polished and excellently put together dvd. 
This release caused a number of discussions on the good old Twitter website. One question bought up by, a huge wrestling fan and regular tweeter of interesting stuff, Jason Mann, who tweets as @wrestlespective, asked what other wrestlers, promotions or events you'd like to see featured on their own dvd (or blu ray for all you high rollers!) set? 

This got me thinking, and as i thought up quite a few i've gone and listed the top 10 dvds i want...

"They" Rule!!!

Nugget Commentary:

Of course i'm not talking about "They" who showed up in TNA last night.

I'm talking about these guys...

Bitesize Nuggets: Quick links.

Quick Links

Results from TNA Bound For Glory 2010 (TNA Wrestling)

Even more Bound For Glory coverage (No Dq/Youtube)

Wrestlespective has got itself a brand spanking new website (Wrestlespective)

If you somehow missed the post below, Future Endeavors has a new podcast for your listening pleasure (Future Endeavors)

Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort set for Superbowl weekend (MMA Junkie)

So, There Was A Pay Per View Last Night...

Featured Nugget - Future Endeavors Radio - 10 10 10 (Bound For Glory Recap)

so yeah, TNA Wrestling held a ppv last night, their biggest of the year apparently. It did have a couple of big selling points going for it, one was a new TNA Champion was going to be crowned and second, after months and months of going on about them, the "They" who Abyss was talking about were finally gonna show up...

Even with that, i didn't bother to order the show. I watched HBO instead, (Boardwalk Empire, Bored To Death and Eastbound & Down are quality tv) but my friends over at 'Future Endeavors' podcast were there to fill me in on all the ins and out and happenings from the event and any other wrestling news in general. Give it a listen below...

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